Full Moon Fragmentations

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once crisp cotton sheets

tumbled on the floor

wisps of dreams


hands in my hair

teeth on my shoulder

the press of hips

driving against thighs


this welcome weight

satin sated flesh

anise spiced whispers

fierceness tempered

drowsy sweet caress

moonlight on ivory

we melt together


~ kei
30 August 2015

Coupled sheets

You Are The Answer

who is this sleeping angel in my bed
what sweet thoughts curve your lips
where do your dreams take you my love
why do I find the urge to kiss you irresistible
when morning light illuminates you vulnerability
how could I not press my lover’s advantage

… to my every question

~ kei
24 July 2015

Shivers Sleeping Beauty

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Strings ‘N Things

It seems my Achilles tendon is wrapped round my heart-strings
And those ties that bind, how they clip my wings

Ribbons and bows to tie up pretty things
Tourniquets stem the flow but the razor blade still stings

A hangman’s noose, a Gordian Knot
Hobbled by your indifference
What you wove and then

~ kei
12 June 2015
Tied up in you

Do You?

Do you feel it?

Do your fingertips tingle with the memory of caressing my skin?

Do your hands tremble with desire to mould and squeeze every inch of my body to your own?

Do your arms reach for me during thunderstorms or when the scent of jasmine is on the wind?

Does your body ache with desire for the phantom pressure of my back cradled against your chest?

Do you fall asleep sated and at peace, holding onto the ghostly contours that are what you still own of me?

Then don’t keep me waiting any longer…

~ kei
28 May 2015

Do You?