I haven’t got one word

Not blocked



It’s crazy

I could almost wish myself back

If only to feel the rush

The fire, heat, dizzy, dancing flow

I’d love to be that inspired again

Writing words that I felt, instead of just remembered…

~ kei

5 August 2015



Friendships are Life’s best gifts to us
When kindred spirits intertwine

Soul mates newer and the older
No matter the vintage of the wine

So did I think of you my friend
Such kinship offered was thine

How sad that barely savoured
It was blighted on the vine

~ kei
9 July 2015


Your voice is an echo kissing my ear

Your scent is sandalwood and verbena

Your taste is a lingering temptation on my tongue

Your touch is tactile elation on my skin

Your image shimmers behind my closed eyelids

Wrapped in all that I can touch… scent, taste, see and hear
Thoughts rushing headlong from Past to Present tense
And I long to reclaim and leave behind my fear
And to trust once again in my sixth sense

~ kei
17 June 2015

©Hans Markat

The Five Senses by Hans Markat

A Different View

Will you never speak?
Time is rushing forward
These misread signs
This collection of miscues

Do you prefer this view?
You once saw my soul
Now I’m pinned to a slide
Under a clinician’s gaze

I feel so exposed
This inverted image
Leaves me more naked
Than my words ever could

Through pixel’d windows
I lay myself bare
Starting fires with kindle
Of memory, desire, despair

You remain cold and aloof, beyond my reach
Unknowable behind your virtual eyepiece
While I look back, through my kaleidoscope view
And my heart weeps for the ardent boy I once knew

~ kei
16 June 2015

Through the glass inverted...

Through the glass inverted…


I’m caught off guard by how much it hurts

I launched myself as far away as I could
Found a different orbit round a frosty planet
It’s suited me to feel all emotion fade
All feeling recede and curl into itself
Hibernating in the winter of my losses
Frozen into blissfully empty dreams

Lately though, a sound has been coming through
Static on the wires, sparking synapses to fire
I’m surprised to notice my heart still beats
Blood thaws, the fire in my belly leaps to life
Like pins and needles of the soul is this flow
It burns, sears itself through every nerve and fibre

Myself wakes shivering, ears tuned to the signal
A sound, a vibration that melds to my own pulse
Calling me, calling to the depths of my core
A howl that I must rouse to answer
“The winter of your soul is over now”
Polaris Exile, it’s time for reentry

~ kei
10 June 2015

Stardust woman


Can we slip into something a little more comfortable?

Slip inside these thoughts of mine
Move beyond what’s only spoken

There’s an easy ebb and flow here
A confluence of thoughts in motion

I feel the draw like tides to moon
Flow as natural as shores and oceans

Slip inside the currents in my veins
Just need a mind and heart that’s open

~ kei
10 June 2015

Mermaid Dreams


If your thought is to impress him
With words you know are not your own

I suggest a bit more practice
Than the brazen effort you’ve shown

To capture a lover’s passion with words
Is just the shape of the art

He knows the touch and timbre
Of words written from my heart

A borrowed word or turn of phrase
Won’t fool his eyes and can’t replace

You may think you’re being clever
With sleight of pen to try to sever

One cannot mimic what is not
Copying words but not the thought

So please abandon this poetic ruse
A man’s heart knows his one true muse

~ kei
1 June 2015

Inkwell Parchment Blood


It’s the mornings when I miss you most…

Where on tousled sheets your scent lingers

It’s the afternoons when I miss you most…

Discussions from Thai, to travel, to singers

It’s the nightfall when I miss you most…

Because my body craves your fingers

I miss you at all hours of the day and week but what’s a girl to do
I’m missing the man who’s my Heathcliff
And the ghost that I love
… is you

~ kei
29 May 2015


Is it best to keep a little mystery
Let music and rhyme set us free

Is everything it seems to be
Am I her, is she Me

Spin a little fantasy

Does truth lie in the poetry
Do mundane updates hold veracity

When you push the button
To friend request me

What is it that you want to see?

~ kei
24 May 2015

Verdigris View

Verdigris View