You Spin Me Right Round ~ Again

Draw me in
Let me spin
Crazy Revolution
No solution

Draw me up
Throw me down
Dervish whirling
Thoughts swirling

Shake my emotion
Centrifuge notion
Twist me round and round
Dizzy dancing, all fall down

29 May 2012


In light of my dearth of words… sharing a post from my first month on WordPress.

The original post is here: Old Stuff Reposted

The Duel

Ever do I wait my turn, to be asked to duet, still here I yearn
So until such time you invite me to, I’ll content myself with a poetic duel…


Surrender my weapon?
My Good Sir, I won’t

You may think that you have me
Be assured Sir, you don’t

I am not like the others
Who are drawn to your charm

For though I find you pleasing
You have yet to disarm

You’ll find me much more elusive
Than what you’ve encountered to date

Indeed you’re a master of the parry and feint
I glisé hold my guard and you’ll have to wait

For though you’re fond of the derobement
And opponents’ broad stroke words

Your wield rapier pen with fiery desire
To master me at the point of your sword

~ kei
19 June 2015

Shivers duet duel

Strings ‘N Things

It seems my Achilles tendon is wrapped round my heart-strings
And those ties that bind, how they clip my wings

Ribbons and bows to tie up pretty things
Tourniquets stem the flow but the razor blade still stings

A hangman’s noose, a Gordian Knot
Hobbled by your indifference
What you wove and then

~ kei
12 June 2015
Tied up in you

Colours ~ Ruby


Leaves dancing when we walk by
Scarf thrown casually over your shoulder
Roses blooming upon my cheeks
As your touch and kisses grow bolder
Streaks against the October evening sky
Lips pressed to the palm of your hand
His will I cannot, will not deny
Satin holding back surging demand
Fire rages, undimmed by time
Scratches etch your back with my desire
Embers needing just your breath
Wine to stoke this exquisite fire


~ kei
7 October 2014


Oh WordPress!

You may know I have a blog or three

This one’s mostly about poetry

Having fans and followers is super great

How to get them I sometimes debate

What will tickle a reader’s fancy

Sometimes I wonder how folks find me

Today, I checked as I always do

Stats that tell me how I did with you

How best to focus iambic pentameter

Clearly shown here in my search parameters

This is about funny, as funny gets

I’m found with “rough erotic mirror sex on pinterest”

~ kei
28 April 2014

(and this isn’t my “Naughty” blog!)

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Hey Stranger ~ Second Version

Why is my mind wandering so?
Taking me places I shouldn’t go
… Like down your pants

With just a sentence you’ve spun me on a dime
Stirred up a storm in these thoughts of mine
… mmm, peyote kissed memories

You’ve stoked a fire that’s making me weak
As a flannel jacket rubbing my cheek
… and cold fingers fumbling with my bra clasp

I’m drunk on tactile memory
Pour a little more of you all over me
… ‘Cause I am craving a sip of you

~ kei
6 November 2013