Wordless do I slip away

Helpless to the currents of mundanities

Heartbeat slowing

Blood cooling

Slower flowing

Clinging to a fragment of debris

One buoyant sliver of hope

To survive

To arrive

Still alive

Washed by silken waves

Suspended in salty warmth

In the ocean of  desire

~ kei
9 September 2015

Found on Tumblr via Pinterest.

Found on Tumblr via Pinterest.


Embody All

One with the elements
That is the goal
Body, mind
Spirit and soul

Burning, I whisper and cry out your name
Enticed by the false St. Elmo’s flame

Thirsting, just a sip to assuage
But water like your kiss is just a mirage

Craving, to hear your words so tender
Catching only the whisper of a summer zephyr

Aching, to this Promethean rock I’m bound
Until my body returns to the ground

One with the elements
Earth, wind, water, fire
One with you, my twin flame
Is all that I desire

~ kei
13 May 2015

©The Four Elements by xibira d4yjiir

©The Four Elements by xibira d4yjiir