Here I am heart in hand
Sharp pain streaked memories rush in
An imminent squall warning
The red flags waving on a stormy beach
All the fear rises like a tide
My heart in a surge of protection
Shielding and yet yielding
A mist so airy
You could reach right through it
If only you were here

~ kei
14 March 2016


Broken angel wandering alone

Wounded soldier journeying home

She seeks respite from her tormented dreams

He searches escape from his waking nightmares

Heart and Soul

I see you

Sanctuary in eyes of blue

Wander here my weary Knight

Journey to my door

Turn your key in my lock

Gently push me up against the wall

I will catch you if you tremble and fall

Kiss me like I am your very breath

Unbreak me Beautiful Stranger

I have sanctuary to offer you

Heart and soul

One from two

~ kei
11 March 2014