I miss the smell of boys
They all share a particular combination of pheromones uniquely male and then there are the varying notes that designate one from another
The scent of a man can make my knees weak and my mouth go dry

I miss the touch of boys
There is nothing more appealing than the combination of sexual bravado and sweetly solicitous holding back of a man in love
The touch of a man at the small of my back can be like lightning to tinder

I miss the taste of boys
The delicious Scope and Crest kisses of a first date, the soap and after shave taste of a nipple or navel, the salty, medicinal flood of cum on my tongue
The flavour of a man is the only thing that will satisfy my hunger right now

I miss the feel of boys
To be complete in oneself and still a piece of the interlocking puzzle pieces of a whole; the yin and yang, the sun and moon, venus and mars; a you and me.
The feel of infinite love, belonging, utter abandon, complete union with a man is what the Muse craves

Anything else, all else, leaves me thin and tired, unfulfilled and uninspired…

~ kei
15 February 2014

Petites Pensées

Where do these rules of communication come from?
I am hamstrung by the fear of being perceived as “desperate”

Odd that. There is no lack of men or women I can talk too

It’s just that there is constant disquiet in my brain
The face it wears is yours and the eyes are so sad

Fey thoughts? This is me and so perhaps

If I reach out to you unbidden am I desperate?
Intuition says it’s the right thing to do

Why do I care about how it’s perceived?

Meanwhile, convention keeps me second guessing
While perception shackles my pen


~ kei
9 February 2014