Petites Pensées ~ Equanimity

As a straightforward person

It took me a while to understand

There wasn’t a pause to  second guess my actions

I know I haven’t done anything wrong

It’s that with you, I can do nothing right

Though you may have second guessed my intentions

I stand by them with faith in simple truths

And in your ability to come around

~ kei

5 March 2016

St. Hallmark Day ~ Third Annual Massacre

Some Tongue In Very Cheeky Thoughts

Once again, St. Hallmark Day is almost upon us. Once again I’ll inflict that time-honoured  tradition that I started doing on Facebook several years ago.

Look out Cupid! The Valentine’s Evisceration is set to begin.


Basically, I’ve always felt that Valentine’s Day is an utter travesty and in my first St. Hallmark Day post on WordPress, I mention why. How St. Valentine’s Day came to be associated with chocolate, carats and tawdry Walmart lingerie is beyond me and my thought from then stands:

“Well, lets just say if you’re gonna give me gas station flowers and a Happy Birthday  Valentines day card. Please. Don’t bother. Now, if you want to bring home Thai and give me a foot rub on April 18th or October 12th, for no damn reason at all, THAT’s meaningful.”


And please none of those idiotic ‘Singles Awareness Day’ posts. For the love of whatever deity!! Don’t shit all over someone else’ thing just because you don’t have it (same goes for single mothers/ fathers who post snarky crap on Mothers Day/Fathers Day. You get your day, don’t shit on someone else’) It’s as juvenile as being mad that someone has a jag and you take the bus. Put on your grown up undies. Three hundred sixty-four days of the year, Singles are desperate to shed the title, then suddenly they want to ruin it for Couples…?

I weep for the future of Humanity.


So Cupid… What the freakin’ hell man?!

I know that you probably have some issues, coming from a broken home and all. As the son of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars, I bet things got a little intense with Mum and Daddy but that’s no reason to take it out on humans for all eternity! That last one that you darted for me? That should have been a blow gun… Next time, leave it in the hands of the experts or I’ll be speaking to your Grandpappy and I’ll bet you don’t want to be grounded by Jupiter.

Crazed Cupid, Valentine, Funny

I stumbled on this video a long while back and I swear my last Vile-en-tine starred!! Always loved Carly Simon and even more so after watching this.

And to cap it off, one for the boys. I know you’re often left bewildered by the appearance of evil pod women who steal your normally sane partners on every 14 February. Take heart and start leaving the same kind of hints she does because 14 March is right round the corner!

Aside ~ Fly Away


Ever want to wind up and pop that fluffy bird of hope that perches in your heart? Maybe tweak one of its tail feathers?

Hope is the thing with feathers, that perches in the soul, and sings the tune without words, and never stops at all. ~Emily Dickinson

Bird, Sttaaahhhhppp!!! Why does my heart leap to see his face in my newsfeed? Why did that last box I unpacked contain his letters from University and beyond? Why, when it has been made perfectly clear that he will not speak does that mutant little Ornithurae continue to make me think that he might?! He’s a a big butt head with a head like a butt and I don’t want him to speak but that traitorous turkey warbles away…

How ’bout you just bugger off with that infernal ‘bluebird of happiness’?

Maybe go poop on his head for me…



You know…

It isn’t your feet of clay that depress me and have turned passion to pity

Not that at all, once beloved of my youth

Read this: my ironic smile

Not that at all

It is your icy heart

Your sedimentary soul

Your calcified mind

Mostly I mourn our friendship’s lost potential…

I mourn the rebuff wrapped in this abhorrently cheap suit of transparent macho immaturity you insist on wearing like an Armani suit

Your sadly archaic, Neanderthal and schoolboy-perception driven ego

That makes you think that you are above even the smallest of social courtesies

For fear that by those, I might find you enticing enough to pursue you

Sad little man

What did you do to the boy that I loved?

And no…

That question was not me flirting with you

~ kei
20 January 2016

Petites Pensées ~ Boys…

This dating thing would be so much more intriguing if all the men I see didn’t have more issues than hair… More belly than fire… More relaxed fit jeans than button-fly Levis… More Wife than let’s go to Belize…

~ kei

5 December 2015


Would you, could you
Please forgive this
It’s not a game
Nor is it cowardice

I like straight up
Don’t mean to be coy
Just a little unsure
And I like you boy

Just to let you know
This isn’t a game
The years go by
But I’m the same

All these new rules
What’s a girl to do
Make your move boy
It’s up to you

~ kei
28 June 2015

Shivers Chess

Strings ‘N Things

It seems my Achilles tendon is wrapped round my heart-strings
And those ties that bind, how they clip my wings

Ribbons and bows to tie up pretty things
Tourniquets stem the flow but the razor blade still stings

A hangman’s noose, a Gordian Knot
Hobbled by your indifference
What you wove and then

~ kei
12 June 2015
Tied up in you


I miss the smell of boys
They all share a particular combination of pheromones uniquely male and then there are the varying notes that designate one from another
The scent of a man can make my knees weak and my mouth go dry

I miss the touch of boys
There is nothing more appealing than the combination of sexual bravado and sweetly solicitous holding back of a man in love
The touch of a man at the small of my back can be like lightning to tinder

I miss the taste of boys
The delicious Scope and Crest kisses of a first date, the soap and after shave taste of a nipple or navel, the salty, medicinal flood of cum on my tongue
The flavour of a man is the only thing that will satisfy my hunger right now

I miss the feel of boys
To be complete in oneself and still a piece of the interlocking puzzle pieces of a whole; the yin and yang, the sun and moon, venus and mars; a you and me.
The feel of infinite love, belonging, utter abandon, complete union with a man is what the Muse craves

Anything else, all else, leaves me thin and tired, unfulfilled and uninspired…

~ kei
15 February 2014

Petites Pensées

Where do these rules of communication come from?
I am hamstrung by the fear of being perceived as “desperate”

Odd that. There is no lack of men or women I can talk too

It’s just that there is constant disquiet in my brain
The face it wears is yours and the eyes are so sad

Fey thoughts? This is me and so perhaps

If I reach out to you unbidden am I desperate?
Intuition says it’s the right thing to do

Why do I care about how it’s perceived?

Meanwhile, convention keeps me second guessing
While perception shackles my pen


~ kei
9 February 2014