Gallery Opening ~ Friday Fictioneers

I thought I would try my hand at a Friday Fictioneer prompt. Inspired by rochellewisofffields.

Rochelle presents a challenge to write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end, based upon a picture that she provides on her blog.

Here is today’s picture prompt (below).

Gallery Opening

Word Count: 103

Genre: Fiction


Liz felt like an imposter in the pretentious downtown Toronto gallery but these places were a hazard of dating Diego. Agents and critics adored him; fans and sycophants flocked to his shows. Unable to compete with his ego, she planned to end this gracefully, after tonight’s opening soirée. She had just set her glass of sangria on the painfully trendy brick bar; when it was shattered by a flying rock, turning the painting behind it, “Diego’s Blonde” to a vampiric redhead. The subject of the work; looking crazed and dishevelled, shouted “Sold!” from the doorway; turned on her heel and left the gallery.

**Constructive criticism welcome but please be gentle, this is my first time**

Petites Pensées

I know you don’t read here and yet I feel compelled to try to reach you…

Is this all there is?

You waited all these years to speak
Don’t hide now

Call it for a misstep. You know you’re forgiven
Don’t let foolish pride stay your hand

Life doesn’t grant second chances very often
Don’t waste the gift

~ kei
4 February 2014

That Winter

The room was cold, god knows the last time they’d been able to pay the heating bill.
Winter had claimed Toronto for her own while they slept.
He had woken first, cold because she had stolen the better part of the one thin blanket on their bed.
When he wrapped himself round her to share it, the first slivers of dawn slanted through the frost glazed window.
Brilliant, cold and beautiful, creating Chantilly lace patterns across the bare floor of their room.
His artist’s heart ached with the beauty of it, this exquisite gift from December and he felt hope stir again.
It had been absent for a very long while…
He looked down at her, gently brushed the errant curls out of her eyes, whispered her name.
When she opened her eyes, a sleepy reproof on her lips; he touched a finger to them and gently turned her face to the curtainless window.
She stared for a moment and then swung her legs over the side of the bed, excited as a child, exclaiming “Oh! So beautiful!”
“Yes, beautiful”, he thought as he looked at her silhouetted against the light, and he stood, grabbing the blanket from the bed.
Walking up behind her, he wrapped the blanket round the two of them, holding her tight as she leaned her head back onto his shoulder.
They had been both cold and hungry for the last two nights. But held by each other in the sun, everything was beautiful and all was endless possibilities.
Holding tight to his arm circling her waist, she reached to trace a heart in the frost on the window.
He in turn, ran his fingers down her arm, and took her hand in his. Bringing it to his lips, he pressed a kiss to her fingertips.
The touch of his mouth caused shivers that had nothing to do with the cold…
Then he reached their hands together to the glass and wrote their initials inside the heart. “P &  K” 4VR.
And she believed him…

~ kei

Previously published in Every Picture Tells A Story by Karin Bole Tupper… sometimes winter isn’t all bad…

Heart In Frost Window

Second Chances

Is it wrong to wish that you are laying in an empty bed unable to sleep too?
Am I selfish to hope that thoughts of me both keep you awake and fill your dreams?

I want you to toss and turn, your hands making my shape out of your pillow
I want your uncontrolled desire, remembered lust for us to stain your sheets

Feel my desire for you, like a tattoo on your skin, like the sweet addiction you are to me
Hear the echo of my whisper in your ear from long ago, calling you back to my arms

Is it wrong to wish that you will soon be laying in this bed keeping me from sleep?
Am I selfish to hope these words drive your heel to the floor, bringing you here to fulfill our dreams?

~ kei
22 January 2014

Come Clean

You’re sounding so bitter
Learned how to manoeuver

Seems like the Big Smoke
Has got in your eyes, is making you choke

Come as you are, Baby can’t you see
You can drop your defenses,  it’s just me

There’s no need for disguises
Don’t need deals or compromises

You say you don’t want misperceptions
Follow your heart in my direction

We don’t play that way here
You know there’s nothing to fear

I just want you to come as you are
Don’t need to be a bright lights, big city superstar

Come on back home, try me on for size
I’m not so different, maybe a little more wise

There’s only one way to make a new start
You gotta wash Toronto outta your heart

~ kei
12 January 2014

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