You are so cold
A frostbitten soul

Me, frantic incandescent
Trying to warm us both

On embers of visions
And flames of memories

You are beyond my heat
Frigid, rigid, crystallized

This expedition is a failure
I’m no match for the elements

Erebus’ dreams flicker out
Crushed in your icy, uncaring grip

Sinking to crystalline depths
Preserved in icy midnight

A frozen spark of hope lost
In the Arctic of your soul

~ kei
28 October 2015


I’ve been debating doing this for a long time, combining my old blog “The Relinquished Muse” with this one, “The Eclectic Poet”. It’s done now and there is a story, there’s always a story. Message if you’re interested. Relinquished pieces are mostly all tagged “KbT” from the old Blogger platform, should you wish to view them. There will be some duplication of published works, a small price to pay for finding my scattered pieces and putting them back together… We now return you to silence as my pen stutters, my ink freezes and my words lay round me like a blanket of this ever falling snow.

~ kei
14 March 2015

Bandaid on concrete


What is it draws me back here
Not like I’ve nothing else to do
Yet I’m staring at this screen again
My thoughts consumed with you

It’s something in your words
Seems to have captured me
Transcending time and distance
Creating this intimacy

I find myself anticipating
Much more often than I should
My thoughts they seem to wander
Places I didn’t think they would

So as you now lie slumbering
On the other side of the world
I sit in this darkness typing
Something like a foolish girl

Truth is my heartbeat quickens
In a rhythm that I had forgot
So if this thing be foolish
I hope  it isn’t going to stop

~ kei
26 October 2014


The Tale Of Raven Felle II

A reblog of a previously posted piece so that I can include this amazing reading / music accompaniment video by Omnia. If you’ve never heard “The Raven” by Edgar Allan Poe recited, or even if you have; Omnia gives the words a depth that makes them even more relatable. Well worth a listen,

I am a huge fan of Poe. His words have resonated with me since my very early teens. “… Raven…” pays a nod to one of his better known pieces in the last line. As my posts have evolved in the last year, to include more pictures and video, this seemed the perfect pairing.

Thank you to Patty over at petitemagique for introducing me to Omnia. I see a lot of new music on my iPod in the future.


The Tale Of Raven Felle

I gave my heart to a human man, and though I loved him well
He couldn’t stay true to vows we made, said he could not dwell
Weep for me my feathered children, I cannot be as I was before
Return to the sky with us they call, but sayeth Raven, “Nevermore”

(c) KeiB 20 December 2011