Haiku Triplette VI ~ Old Letters

Treasured old letters
Love, hope and dreams in cursive
Preserved forever

~ kei
24 April 2016

This inked evidence
I was loved will be again
Proof’s between the lines

Heart do not despair
Your beat lives on in parchment
Tender tinder sparked

~ kei
1 June 2016

© Karin Bole 2016

© Karin Bole 2016


It’s the weekend and here’s the deal

I know you’re in town and that all you need is a reason

So, you pretend that I’m not a hypocrite

When you show up on my doorstep with a bottle of wine

A smile and bad intentions

I’ll pretend that you aren’t the most aggravating man on the planet

As I pull you into the house, into my arms and into this thing

That we’ve known is going to happen

Since you tapped that key

~ kei
11 March 2016

Not Over You

I was sure my inspiration was gone dry as an Arctic desert but… some people are like that one drop of water or that one tiny spark that you need to take one more step, reach for that sip, bleed just a little more ink.


This unwanted wanting

The nameless need that I proclaim

This is what comes from our talking

The rain is falling

Keep falling rain

Take me back there again

This afternoon should be tangled sheets

Sweat slick bodies and years of famine finally sated

But it’s a tricksy email, fancy footwork

Ties that bind and can’t get off work

This nameless need that knows my name

Knows my heart and screws my brain

This wanting and endless taunting

Never stop sweet Blue Eyes

It’s good to be wanted

Better to be needed

I love all these thwarted tries

And the ache between my thighs

And I’ll never audibly proclaim

This ever the same, naming you my need

For the wanted, leaves me haunted

Sweet, hot spill of your seed…

~ kei
27 November 2015

Is this afternoon delight? Maybe… probably just absolute shite… but you can always find me here and yourself too, on the days you feel you’ve lost those hard, sharp pieces of your fiery youth. They live forever inside my words… and so do we.
Not keeping this on Unconfined. I kinda like it and I kinda want the world to know that some things never change, even if they can’t ever be.
Oh! And yes. Yes, I do write for you. Still.


Would you, could you
Please forgive this
It’s not a game
Nor is it cowardice

I like straight up
Don’t mean to be coy
Just a little unsure
And I like you boy

Just to let you know
This isn’t a game
The years go by
But I’m the same

All these new rules
What’s a girl to do
Make your move boy
It’s up to you

~ kei
28 June 2015

Shivers Chess


What is it draws me to you?
You are less the proverbial flame
Me even less the moth
You’re more like the edge of an abyss
That I can’t resist jumping off

My thoughts circle themselves
Effortlessly returning to you
It crept up, this compulsion
Growing in the core of me
Now screaming for attention

Crazy words spill from my lips
Recklessness from fingertips
To write those predilections
You opened that door again
I crave a hit of an old addiction

Thoughts of you stroke that want
Raging now like wildfire
Is this what you wanted? You win
I mainlined the last words you wrote
It’s up to you to cure my jonesin’

~ kei
27 June 2015