I’m just a rebloggin’ fool this weekend. This piece, in all its ocean, male, salty sensuality, speaks to my Atlantic-cradled soul…

Thoughts...exploding in my head

A breath inhaled, the sea impales
It’s glory and might in size
His waves swell, dips into pools
Liquid walls engulf, spinning cool
Rolling in, whitecaps churn a frothy delight
Below the surface, Neptune’s eyes alight
He calms the assault on sandy shores
To a curving wave, gentle as a summers breeze
The ocean licks the earthy taste of man
Covers in an embrace, a new love began
Sloping muscled flesh, with every breath they flex
To touch mortal skin would be bliss and a sin, perplexed
Recedes in ripples, leaving behind his salty minerals
A smear of a kiss that will mark like shimmering crystals
With every ripple back, mermen wait in turn
For another run of waves to crash and yearn


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She was a Monster

As I mentioned in my comment, I was riveted to the screen as I read this.
The single best gift you can give a friend who is sharing a similar story with you, is your belief. The fact is, Narcissist Abuse and how it is manifested by these predators will challenge your belief. It did mine, and my story is Charles’ with some variation. Even now, I am subjected to anything from benign disbelief and incredulity to flat-out blame and accusation.
Please read this exceptionally informative piece. Narcissist sociopaths present fairly equally in both genders but the stories of male victims are much fewer than female. It’s important to set aside our notions about victims of abuse in all instances and to encourage our sons and daughters to speak, tell and not be cowed by people who are simply not well-informed enough to believe. My sincere appreciation to Madeline for allowing me to reblog.

White People Are The Worst – Hockey Edition

Sweet Jesus… Why? Why does this shit still go on?
Regarding the nasty and uneducated tweets: This hockey fan knows that here in The Great White North, our “Coloured Hockey League” predates the NHL…. Get a clue.
Does anyone else see the irony in Don Cherry comparing PK to Bobby Orr? (love you Bobby and you’re welcome ‘Murrica)

Oh. Seeings as my team is out and because the Habs were my parent’s team before the Sens…


The Belle Jar

Trigger warning for racist and violent language and images

Last night, Montreal Canadiens player P. K. Subban scored the winning goal against the Boston Bruins in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinal.

Predictably, Boston fans were outraged. In this case, though, with Subban as one of the few black players in the league, their anger took a sickeningly racist turn.

It was so bad that the n-word was briefly trending on Twitter in Boston. Seriously. Think about that for a minute. Think about how many people must have been tweeting one of the vilest, most degrading racist slurs in our language in order for it to be trending in a city the size of Boston. That is not just a few racist fans making everyone look bad – that is a whole fucking lot of people trying their hardest to make Subban (and all people of colour) aware of just how…

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Homophobia Sneaks in Everywhere: From Mississippi to Oregon

I’m a reblogging fool today and because the messages I’m sharing are so important to get out there. Please take a moment to read. ~ kei

Social Justice For All

LGBT Folk Not Welcome LGBT Folk Not Welcome

I could feel my heart being crushed at the news that the Republican Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, signed a bill on Friday that makes it legal to discriminate against people in the LGBT community.  While not surprising coming from Mississippi, it is nonetheless disappointing. Not the first and probably not the last time the state of Mississippi is on the wrong side of history–this is not a state known for equity and equality.

Sadly, closer to home, I realize that the purported progressive Portland, Oregon hosts many homophobes as well. Last week, it came to light that the owner of The Moreland Farmers Pantry, in Sellwood, a Portland neighborhood, spewed her homophobic views. Owner Chauncy Childs posted this on her Facebook page about gays and same-sex marriage: “…a tiny minority is dictating a change of our social structure.”  I guess a population wanting equality and equity needs to be…

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Lisa the thief

Not acceptable. Please share Romantic Dominant’s message.
He is a well known and talented writer here on WordPress and yet this thief has stolen his work. I know that writers who are lesser known or less active on their blogs are targeted too.
Please help to get the word out. ~ kei

A Faded Romantic's Notebook


It depresses me that I have to do this on my birthday.

I despise plagiarists – those who steal the words of others and use them to add value to themselves. A true writer will always credit his or her sources – and certainly not pretend that the words are their own. It is shallow and dishonest and the mark of someone without morals or scruples. Or talent.

Lisa is such a plagiarist. She steals my words and, because what I write is nothing so special, she may well be stealing your words, or the words of those you admire.

I would appreciate whatever help you can give in exposing her and having her blog removed.

Thank you.

Romantic Dominant

PS and Lisa, you probably won’t want to steal this one.

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Soul ‘Rape’

I’ve described the trauma of the time I was with a Narcissist as “Emotional Rape” and Alien Aura’s poem conveys very well some of what I’ve felt and thought in the aftermath.

My Best Friend, who saved my sanity and perhaps my life with her Tough Love approach to forcing me to extricate myself; said that I was showing all the signs of Battered Wife Syndrome. This was later confirmed as PTSD when I finally spoke to my MD about what had been happening.

“Victim Blaming” has to stop. Not understanding what someone has gone through is no excuse to marginalize their reaction or to insinuate they had any part in allowing the abuse; whatever form it may have taken.