You know…

It isn’t your feet of clay that depress me and have turned passion to pity

Not that at all, once beloved of my youth

Read this: my ironic smile

Not that at all

It is your icy heart

Your sedimentary soul

Your calcified mind

Mostly I mourn our friendship’s lost potential…

I mourn the rebuff wrapped in this abhorrently cheap suit of transparent macho immaturity you insist on wearing like an Armani suit

Your sadly archaic, Neanderthal and schoolboy-perception driven ego

That makes you think that you are above even the smallest of social courtesies

For fear that by those, I might find you enticing enough to pursue you

Sad little man

What did you do to the boy that I loved?

And no…

That question was not me flirting with you

~ kei
20 January 2016


Friendships are Life’s best gifts to us
When kindred spirits intertwine

Soul mates newer and the older
No matter the vintage of the wine

So did I think of you my friend
Such kinship offered was thine

How sad that barely savoured
It was blighted on the vine

~ kei
9 July 2015


Love seeps
from my pores
It glazes my
Bare skin
With yearning
translucent, passion

Wrap me
in loving arms
Drink the excess
A dry heart
Learns to sip
When it can

I’ll relent
To your touch
Caving inward
On the emptiness
Leaves behind
Like a star

Catch my last
Exhale of sighs
sad memories
Of a love
Now faint
And gone

~ kei
1 October 2014