My secret love, dwelling quiet in my heart and soul, shouted from this page.

My liege protector, standing strong against the world, held close to my Watcher’s heart.

His desire and longing are irresistible to me, as he lies in perfect beauty on our bed.

He commands in weighted silence, the touch of my fingers on his frame and pleads with kisses sweet that burn his image into my brain.

His hunger leaves me breathless, this secret love of mine, tasting full the unbridled desire he makes in me, and leaving me wanting more of his kiss.

Every angle of his body begs to be caressed and kissed and the sweet, low sound of his ecstasy I feel it for my own. I take his love inside of me and give him back in kind.

There are no secrets between him and me, my soul’s Alpha. He knows my heart like his own, my body better than myself. I am made lovely in his eyes, and he is perfect in mine.

He offers himself to me like the rarest gift, taking what he wants as a conqueror on his knees and I am a his treasured slave, when I push him down and demand my due.

We fight in sweat soaked sheets, seeking to be both the master and the servant and in moments of perfect joining not knowing where he begins or where I end.

In sated exhaustion, breath gone with exertion, the sheen of sweat and love, oils our bodies in the moonlight. His gaze upon me, reflects his love and adoration, undoing my soul and I fall into his eyes, lost in his arms, dreaming in complete satisfaction of the fealty of my Knight, to whom his Lady kneels.

In perfect harmony and balance of equals. A yin and yang of souls. In loving contrasts and harmonies. Two halves of one whole.

~ kei
30 April 2014


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I’m absolutely delighted to be posting my last poem of the 30 days of NaPoWriMo. What a great idea, though my inner teenager often wanted to flip the bird to the concept. No medals will be awarded but I’m pleased to have completed the challenge.

Here are all my poetry pieces written for this, my first year participating in National Poetry Writing Month:

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Your Gift

This harried mind races
From distraction to frustration
In the cold ebony midnight
I’m dizzy on emotion
Overcome with raw feeling
Somehow this feels so right
Though I’ve been trained to chaos
Insanity, lies and inconceivable pain
My heart refuses the chains of doubt
I look at you and his scaly blinders drop
Burned away by the beauty
This light that is your perfect soul

~ kei
29 April 2014


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Oh WordPress!

You may know I have a blog or three

This one’s mostly about poetry

Having fans and followers is super great

How to get them I sometimes debate

What will tickle a reader’s fancy

Sometimes I wonder how folks find me

Today, I checked as I always do

Stats that tell me how I did with you

How best to focus iambic pentameter

Clearly shown here in my search parameters

This is about funny, as funny gets

I’m found with “rough erotic mirror sex on pinterest”

~ kei
28 April 2014

(and this isn’t my “Naughty” blog!)

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Petites Pensées

I think I understand now what was going on in my head…

Love to me, was always boundless, unfettered. A joyous blending of two.
No need to hold back…

Having been caged, kept a secret and shamed. Nothing sacred, no boundaries.
For the crime of loving unstintingly…

I understand now, love must have boundaries. Clearly defined trust, respect, fidelity and faith.
For the reward of loving in mutual regard…

~ kei
26 April 2014


I’m not sure that I’ve any poetical words today
Staring at my notebook, staring at this screen

There are twists and turns happening in the path
I’m flying blind here, there is a light, as yet afar

Life, can you just throw us a bone here?!
A time of calm, of peace, no drama please


I don’t know that I had anything erudite to say
Reality intrudes and entices, if you know what I mean

There’s a world in blue eyes, I’m learning to laugh
Apart but in synch, under the same brilliant star

In a short space of time you’ve become so dear
Just days left of waiting, til our hearts find their ease

~ kei
21 April 2014


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The Morning After…

My mind is far away today
Perhaps a good thing
The turmoil in my own life demands its due at times
Once it’s had me in its teeth and given a good shake
I want to hole up emotionally
Hide from the world for a while

My mind is a thousand miles from here
Perhaps a good thing
Waking on a stranger’s couch, a little disoriented
Connectedness that is an undeniable force
Pulling out of the despair I feel
For there is a world in this one

Rebirth, renewal, regeneration
Hope that refuses to die
Shedding skin, shedding tears, shedding old selves
Faith in a an ephemeral dream

You are this, You are these

My Knight of the Couch Surf
Awake and come forth
Do not kneel
Only kiss back to life
Your Lady of the Koi Tattoo

~ Hope springs eternal, the stone is rolled back, soul’s light cannot be extinguished ~

~ kei
20 April 2014


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Cheyenne Sisters – Stream of Conscious Dissonance

My Cheyenne sisters say:
A nation is not defeated until its women’s hearts are on the ground
Looks like the country of you and me didn’t survive the siege
My heart is on the ground. Smashed, crashed, trashed
Boots to the ground, battlefield buried
Praying it’ll hit the ground running
Took its licking, jesus christ! Keep ticking
I wish for death but only in the literary sense
Because it makes no sense to die over something that never was
Besides I’m not a bookish heroine, just a girl dumb enough
To believe in stupid faerytales and dreams come true
Who dies over that?! I’m not that poetical
And so I rise, rise again, rise against, hearing the ten count
The coach in my head is shouting “Get off your knees, girlie girl
Don’t give them the satisfaction!” – but god I feel so frail
Betrayed by a body that used to be so strong
I’m just little and skinny and the hits keep coming
But I’m breathing, heart IS beating, in and out dance a rhythm for me
I was born on the same day as Muhammad Ali
We’re different on the outside but his words are in me
I’m gonna teach myself how to sting like a bee
I am the butterfly you read about, you see
I’ve cried an ocean of tears, while they tore at my wings
But me and Ali got a wicked left hook to swing
So put me in coach, I’m gonna die but not today
I have a nation to rebuild, it’ll be a country for one
And no third rate jester is gonna get over that moat
‘Cause i’ve got frikken sharks with laser beams in there now
So wear your best tinfoil oh ye knights and warriors of the realm
Bring me horses for trade and keep your bullshit parlay
I am mistress of my wigwam and all as far as my eyes can see
And you’re gonna need a platinum passport
To enter into the realm of me

~ kei
13 October 2013