Dandelion Wisdom ~ Tanka X

Age comes to us all
A burst of vitality
Vibrant as the sun
Fading to transparency
Like ghosts of the stars

~ kei
17 July 2015

Taraxacum ©Karin Bole Tupper

Taraxacum ©Karin Bole Tupper

Summer Rain ~ Cinquain II

Quiet trickling
A calming sussurance
Accompaniment to sweet bird song
Hush now…

~ kei
30 July 2014

Cardinal In Rain Female


Definition of the Cinquain form from Shadow Poetry:

“Cinquain is a short, usually unrhymed poem consisting of twenty-two syllables distributed as 2, 4, 6, 8, 2, in five lines. It was developed by the Imagist poet, Adelaide Crapsey.”

For more about this form visit Shadow Poetry here.

The Dance


The rhythm of the dance entrances still, tiny feet that seek the music’s will. Two bodies caught in pas de deux, I am she, and he is you.

Surrender to the music, beloved let go. This time and space is all we’ll know. Two bodies move in perfect time, mine in yours, yours in mine…

~ kei
11 June 2014

Do not fear the storm. It is as necessary as the sun.

Do not fear the storm. It is as necessary as the sun.