A Watcher’s Plea

I didn’t care where I was
But you found your way to me
And I’m glad
You were there
To save me from me

Life leads us along strange paths sometimes
Here you are in my life again
Sharing your hopes, your dreams and fears
As if I’m your closest friend

And you beg me for the comfort
Of the lovers we used to be
Then become so cold and push me away
Risk strangers and act recklessly

You tell me the past is past
And yet, here you are at my door
Demanding my reassurance
That nobody else means more

I know I was sent here to save you
In that you need to trust
There is a reason for everything
I’m sure it’s the reason for us

I can see that sometimes it scares you
Just how much you care for me
But you need to let go of your fear now
And trust your soul to me

I know where you are
But I worry what you do
And I wonder
If I could be there
Could I save you from you?

~ kei
18 June 2015

Broken Wing Angel

Tweaked from the original post: A Watcher’s Sorrow

The Watchers are angels sent to Earth, tasked to watch over certain humans and one of my favourite things to write about.


Rest ye calm Beloved, I am right here by your side
They cannot hurt us anymore, there is no need to hide

I do not mind the shadow, I do not mind to be your mirror
My soul lives inside your heart and I am contented here

I will always be your shelter, I understand your need for peace
Rest easy in my arms now, their foolish babel will soon cease

My Dearest love, my soul mate, lay your body down with me
There is no need to defend, I know I am the beloved of thee
We are so far beyond these things, indivisible are we
I am your breath, your blood and bones and so you are to me

~ kei
19 December 2013

Kateri In Bleddyn's Mirror