Hello Smashwords

Did you miss me?

Recently, Chris over at The Story Reading Ape shared a post about the new and improved Smashwords. The title caught my attention immediately. Smashwords? That clunky old platform where I began my e-publishing and from where I’d divorced myself about a year ago? I had to check it out. The original article was posted by Mark Williams – The International Indie Author.

Smashwords and I hooked up in 2012 but I was soon lured by Amazon’s suave demeanour and international élan. Juggling the two for myself and my coauthor as well as that whole Life thing, became too much. After ridding myself of the coauthor, a ceremonial burning of the ‘the stuff’ in the form of abandoning Smashwords and retiring the cowritten volumes followed. I never did this in real life – the distraught, teenager, tossing all her love letters into a fireplace thing – so I figured this was a good time to test its efficacy. It was alright. Ice cream and wine are better.

And so…

After reading the article, I decided last night in one of those four AM mental organizing and motivational ie: sleepless moments, that I would see if Smashwords had grown up, changed, improved and if it had, I’d give it a second chance. I might forgive that rake Amazon too, even though it was off wooing more popular gals.

To that end…

I’ve spent several hours reacquainting myself with the two and I’m happy to say that Smashwords and I have kissed and repubbed and Amazon and I have made a few changes to shake up our relationship.

I don’t often mention that I have books available. I figure if you read my Author page, you’ll see the links. However in the new and improved atmosphere at both platforms, I have dusted off three volumes that haven’t been available for a few years on Amazon and all my books have been pulled back out of the vaults at Smashwords. So here’s a big, fat, gold-edged invitation to check out my author profile at both sites, it’d make my day if you click the links below and follow, <3, like or whatever it is that one does there. If you happen to buy a book, I’d love if you’d let me know what you think.

~ kei
16 December 2015

KeiB on Smashwords and KeiB on Amazon and KeiB author page Goodreads

The Blogger Interview Tag

A heartfelt thanks to my friend The P&TheG over at The Lightening and The Fire for nominating me for The Blogger Interview. I don’t normally do these but I’m honoured he included me in the wonderful company he did so, here goes.

Here are the rules:

* Mention the person who tagged you
* Answer the questions in full
* Don’t forget to tag up to ten other bloggers at the end

Here are the questions:

How did you get into blogging?
You wouldn’t believe the truth! It’s a Sci-Fi opus on LSD! 🙂 So, the semi-truth is, I was encouraged to start a blog here to expand my writing contacts and to promote some books among a community that was focussed on poetry and writing (unlike Facebook). I’d been writing since childhood and had a blog with a very different content focus in the CSS & HTML days, so poetry blogging was like coming home and landing on Mars all at once!

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
You have to write from your heart, there are like-minded people out there waiting to hear your voice. Don’t get bogged down in the cliques, critiques and craziness that is prevalent in the blog world. Write hard and true about what matters to you. Be true to your ideals in your writing and how you support others in the community. There are wonderful souls here and there are soul-sucking asshats. Ignore the asshats – picture them in their underwear on the can and having to use SpellCheck 🙂

What would be your dream campaign?
There are so many that speak to me! I’m involved in the 3D world and if I had to pick, I’d like to see Dementia / Alzheimer’s as well as the autoimmune disease M.E. (which I have) getting some research, dollar and awareness loves.

Do you have a plan for your blog
To keep on going as long as it nurtures me. There’ve been moments that I wanted to walk away but as I find a core of true friends here, it makes the staying much easier. I’m trying new things, following new people and hope to continue to inspire and be inspired.

What do you think about rankings?
I think they’re utterly meaningless and I never – for realz –  check them. I love to see that little gold “+” but I’d rather have ten people who are sincere in their opinion of me and my writing than a bunch of folks who don’t even read what I post.

I would love to nominate a few friends, old and new, that keep me smiling and inspired. Always optional guys, feel free to participate or pass:

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Siren Song

The Duel

Ever do I wait my turn, to be asked to duet, still here I yearn
So until such time you invite me to, I’ll content myself with a poetic duel…


Surrender my weapon?
My Good Sir, I won’t

You may think that you have me
Be assured Sir, you don’t

I am not like the others
Who are drawn to your charm

For though I find you pleasing
You have yet to disarm

You’ll find me much more elusive
Than what you’ve encountered to date

Indeed you’re a master of the parry and feint
I glisé hold my guard and you’ll have to wait

For though you’re fond of the derobement
And opponents’ broad stroke words

Your wield rapier pen with fiery desire
To master me at the point of your sword

~ kei
19 June 2015

Shivers duet duel


If your thought is to impress him
With words you know are not your own

I suggest a bit more practice
Than the brazen effort you’ve shown

To capture a lover’s passion with words
Is just the shape of the art

He knows the touch and timbre
Of words written from my heart

A borrowed word or turn of phrase
Won’t fool his eyes and can’t replace

You may think you’re being clever
With sleight of pen to try to sever

One cannot mimic what is not
Copying words but not the thought

So please abandon this poetic ruse
A man’s heart knows his one true muse

~ kei
1 June 2015

Inkwell Parchment Blood


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Green-Eyed Monster.”

I envy those

With the knack of prose

Words without end

Flow free from their pens

I struggle here

And sometimes I do fear

Ink I spill

Transfused from vein to quill

Has grown clear

And dry as my tears…

~ kei
16 May 2015

Poequote Soutar Ink


Poet’s Prayer ~ Gweddi Awenydd

Honoured Goddess of Poetry
My inspiration is running dry
My words have flown away from me

Beautiful Goddess of Creativity
This Awenydd asks your blessing
Open my mind and heart to see

May my thoughts be quicksilver
And my tongue honey-dipped
May my words flow like water
And once I have sipped
From your cauldron of inspiration
And kissed Taliesin’s lips

Ink that flows as Afon Tywi is long
My cadence just like music
My rhymes just like song

Then your praises I will sing
For it is you blessed Goddess
Makes my words ring

© KeiB 17 August 2011
Tweaked for publication 26 April 2015

Cerridwen ~ Welsh Goddess of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration.

Cerridwen ~ Welsh Goddess of rebirth, transformation, and inspiration.


I felt compelled to reblog this post. I’ve known of Marcus for a while now and hoped one day to see his signature (((Awoooo))) on one of my posts. I never did go “check him out” or follow his blog. I can’t get over my peculiar thing about boys or big time bloggers should follow me first and then I won’t look like a dork follow monkey.
After reading his joint post with John over at JMC813 and loving the work so much, I’d decided to ignore my idiosyncrasy and just follow. I came to his blog only to see the heart wrenching note from Marcus’ wife.
I can’t say for sure why this makes me so very sad. Projecting a bit perhaps… I got word this afternoon that my Nanny is failing fast and I can’t imagine my life without her. A wealth of moments that I will cherish forever
Perhaps it’s because I won’t know the kind words or encouragement from a respected fellow poet who was known and admired for just that.
It may even be simply the senseless nature of his death. It echoes that of my best friend when I was a teenager and my emotions can’t help but draw the parallel and project my feelings.
I hope that his wife Felicia will take some small comfort in seeing the outpouring of love and support that Marcus inspired.
Marcus, I’m sorry that I didn’t take the opportunity to know you when I might have done. I know the poets and writers who did, expressed great admiration for you and your work.
Walk with Bailey on this next part of the journey. I will wish you a safe passage with a little bit of sage and sweetgrass tonight.
I may even howl just a little…
Blessed Be
Kateri Darkwolf
Kei, The Eclectic Poet

Ink, Ex-lax and Ennui

So… seeing as I have nothing to say, I might as well clutter up the Reader with more annoying detritus.

Is it my imagination or are there less and less posts to read? I follow a lot of people, which makes that Reader a damnable taskmaster at times but there is less there. Has WordPress taken to “tailoring” our content a la Facebook? IE: algorithim’d – I’m a writer, I can make up words – what we are “permitted” to see?

Or are y’all suffering writer’s block like me? Not so much block as teenage rebellion of the pen. The ideas are there, a word or two but I don’t want to sit down and write, it feels a waste of time better spent elsewhere – antsy, bored, and disenchanted.

Speaking of that. Where did so many people go?

What happened to RJ,David Eric Cummins, Memoirs Of A Dragon, McFcWolf, Lady Day, Silkred, Miss Lizzy, Lovinchelle, Desires and Passions…?

Because I don’t miss nearly enough posts or already feel big time guilty about not reading what I can see!




Is it Friday yet?

How It Came To Be ~ Sestina I

Write a Sestina they said. It’ll be fun they said. I think they were all drunk!


When all the wine had at last been drunk
The last man standing (as it were) was a poet
Thus came to be the alluring and intricate sextain
Speaking words of love as the sky turned purple
And the revellers slept oblivious, replete and wine warm
Among the summer’s best flowers and ferns

And in the lacy green of the tiny ferns
Where along with wine, much mead had been drunk
A fair lass loosened her stays in the warm
As she listened to the words of the poet
Whist fastening her raven hair with heather purple
A blush on her cheeks at the words of the sextain

And the music in the words of the sextain
Had the maiden dancing among the ferns
Her twirling skirts were a ripple of purple
Reminiscent of the shade of much wine drunk
By contented May Day celebrants and a wandering poet
On such a blissful day so green and so warm

Dancing languidly as her skin and heart grew warm
Letting the troubadour’s skill with a lute and sextain
Turn her head and eyes to the lonely poet
Who’s eyes, she observed were a rival green to the ferns
She giggled at the thought, that what spoke was the wine she’d drunk
And the afternoon waxed further into the sunset’s purple

Clouds like sheep were traversing the sky’s blue and purple
The day was deepening to dusk and losing the day’s warm
The kegs and flasks attested to much wine and mead drunk
Who in this state could appreciate a poor poet’s sextain
Yet, he persevered with his deep tenor and lute among the ferns
The fair-haired, green-eyed troubadour and poet

There was a secret unknown to the revellers about this certain poet
And the reason why he chose to perform among heather purple
And how he scorned a feather bed for one among the green ferns
They barely noted how everything about him was so very warm
No one noted the six, six, six of his lilting sextain
Or that he’d been the only one among them not drunk

For only the devil himself or a most cunning drunk
Would attempt such a feat as a melodious sextain
Without becoming a dragon’s breath degree of warm

~ kei

29 September 2014


This is written in the Sestina (Sextain) form. There is a great description of this intricate form here.