Petites Pensées ~ The 180


Is like moving mountains
Creating life, love, sanity, shelter anew
The hardest part for me

Is watching friends I’ve known my entire life
My haven, joy, support and champions
Those who were the foundation of my life

Walk away from me without a backward glance
As if I were no more important to them
Than a gas station clerk on the highway of their life

~ kei
18 August 2015

Contused And Conflicted

I’m black and blue all over
Feels like four rounds with Ali
But the bruises are invisible
Because my opponent is me

I’m bleeding blood and roses
In spilled ink and tattoos
But I can’t forego this dark Muse
Because my assailant is you

~ kei
22 May 2015

David Hale Rose Inkwell Tattoo

©David Hale Rose Inkwell Tattoo


i can always fix the things

you carelessly drop

or fling in blackest rage

in my direction

like the silver amalgam distortion

reflecting your damage

the fragments

sharp and jagged

crisscrossing my palms

slivers piercing my scarred heart

precious silver droplets fall

love’s molten solder

to piece you together

to once and again mirror

letting you see your true reflection

while i quietly remain, an ever burning flame

creating something beautiful

from pain

~ kei
22 April 2015