Aside ~ Review?

Just popping a book into my cart at Audible. I usually skim through the reviews – some are useful, some aren’t then there are reviews from individuals who just like to see themselves on a website.

What kind of tit writes a “review” like this???

Amazon Customer 10-14-16
Overall 1/5
Performance 1/5
Story 1/5
“Thick Cauwkneaee Accent”
Save it for the Brits. Not fit for the general public. Tedious and tiresome trying to understand what the narrator was saying.

Umm… the story is set in Sussex. WTF kind of accent do you think it should be read in?

You Sir are as stupid as the tit who gave “Still Midnight” a bad review because “The audiobook is read by a narrator with an extremely heavy Scottish accent which was very difficult to understand.

It’s set in Glasgow!! What friggin’ accent do you think it should be read in??

Stupid people annoy the crap out of me…



Spammers have reached a whole new low. One would have thought that lower than a snake’s balls in a wagon rut would be the lowest but no.
This AM, I received an email from a friend who died from brain cancer two years ago.
Fuck you Hackers and may the fleas of a 1000 gorillas infest your hairy bits.

While I’m on that…

Ladies, you aren’t going to get anywhere with me if your email subject line begins with “Desperate For..”, “Hungry For…” or “I’ll Keep U Up All Night”.
I really like a woman who can spell if we’re going to get up to some Pat-A-Cake and if you’re desperate… there are apps for that.

Just sayin’…

~ kei
5 September 2016

Aside ~ About Amazon…

I’m sorry to get political late on a Friday… This just now came to my attention and given all the foofaraw and hullabaloo about Amazon’s craptastic anti-review review policies… how about we get behind telling them we don’t want our books sold on the same platform as this sub-species of dung beetle’s spew…?

Amazon: Stop selling dung beetle RooshV’s book of how to’s for Rapists

Update on disappearance of the Reblog option on Reader

So, apparently the old saying about “The Squeaky Wheel” is true.
Maybe if we all squeak back, the WP drones will listen. I don’t object to the look of the Reader but it is FAR less functional and I like many, do not have the time for all the extra clicking.
Lets speak up as George did.
If they buggered it up based on the few, they should at least consider fixing it for the many.
~ kei


It’s not something we selected or didn’t select. According to a chat conversation with a nice guru from WP named Drew, we have lost the reblog option on our Readers because they had received negative comments on it.
So much for making blogging and rebloggin/sharing easier.
Apparently it will never come back.

I wasted time expressing myself, so if it seems like I’m not as active as I have been in the past, it’s that it takes twice as much time now to read and reblog/comment as it did before and I am sorry for that. I will try my best to keep up, but time restrictions will prevent that from happening.

I am truly sorry, but this is something I can’t fix or convince the people to fix either.

Remember, don’t shoot the messenger.

Below is the chat transcript. Drew was nice , but hands are tied…

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I’ll preface this by saying, there is precious little that I haven’t done or tried in my life.

One thing that I have not done is engage in the kind of rampant douchebaggery that I’m seeing everywhere online lately.

Seriously? Par example:

On your Gravatar, you are a married with two children, a less than interested husband and you’re exploring the D/s world with your Master???

For the love of Christ!

Who advertises their adultery to the entire world? I’m sure your children will be thrilled to see this in cache view in the antiquities section of the Internet of the future. How much attention do you think those children are getting?  What about the multiple personality wife and mother of many boys? Such devotion! To my man and how many others since?

And please… don’t hand me the line that all these twats use to justify their behaviour: “We’re consenting adults”.

Are you? Are you really now?

I’m pretty sure you’re the same person who sat home eating 4 pints of gourmet ice cream /  getting shit-faced on your Dad’s beer, when you found out the captain of the soccer team / cute cashier at McGeneric’s dumped your arse after making out with someone else. Now look at you! Out there doing the same on a much larger scale not caring who gets hurt. Didn’t you learn anything?

If either of you two consenting adults are married, engaged, living together or otherwise hooked up with another human; there is at least one adult who is NOT consenting. More likely it’s two who are not consenting, judging by the new face of WordPress…

Why don’t we ask the other adults involved if they’d like to give their consent? Maybe send them an anonymous toy chest or tool kit, whatever the hell it is. Or how about this? Have the balls to break up with your partner instead of publicly shaming them for all eternity.

I’m wagering we’d see Mount Consent explode like Mount St. Helen’s…

I weep for the future of Humanity.

Just thinking this afternoon…

Dear Authors: Don’t Respond to Goodreads Reviews

Reviews. Want ’em, love ’em, get ’em.

This author writes a brilliantly funny piece about how NOT to respond to negative reviews based on a recent debacle on Goodreads. You may pick up some tips about how to deal if a “big stupid butt-face with a butt for a face” poops on your pages.

Dear Authors: Don’t Respond to Goodreads Reviews.

I have to say I agree with many of Brenna Clarke Gray’s coping strategies. Well, except for kicking trees. Maybe kick your neighbours retina-rodgering collection of lawn ornaments… 😉

I welcome reviews if you happen to grab one of my book offerings – just don’t make me cry or get arrested for kicking over lawn ornaments.

~ kei
15 June 2015



If we’ve been blog friends, follow each other, like, comment, maybe even kibitz once in a while and then one day…


You start behaving like I’m the virtual version of the Black Plaque, I may just notice.


If I see that this has happened to me before and that the common denominator each time a connection mysteriously implodes is a unibrowed, tub ‘o adulterous slut…


I guess I’m better off without anymore “sheeple” in my realm of existence.

Just thinking this afternoon…

~ kei
9 June 2015

I’m Wanted…

Shh… I’m in the Facebook Flaunter of Post Rules Protection Program.

Today is 1 June 2015 and in my family, we have a tradition – more like superstition because any moment now, the texts will start coming in, “Did you say rabbits”, “Rabbits!”, “bunny emoticon”.

So, I post on Facebook like I do most first of the month:

Rabbits Are Banned

and get THIS:

Facebook Fail

Who knew rabbits were so subversive, evil, frightening, atrocious, awful…

It’s bad enough that FB “Big Brothers” our business pages – but they do it on our personal pages too. If your Great Auntie Zepzerella isn’t a big poster, you won’t ever see when she posts her prize-winning petunias. Why? Her posts have been deemed less interesting to you than Cousin Hortensia’s eight posts a day about her arse-picking boyfriend!

Damn (I may curse a LOT in my next few posts, just ’cause I can do that here). Damn, it’s a good thing I don’t share my posts from “Unconfined” on FB. I’d be in virtual jail!

Cheers fellow Poets & Poetesses – and for the love of whatever, don’t be saying “cwningen” anywhere where you might be overheard! I think I have a case here for discrimination against the Welsh <– tongue in cheek, just in case I’m being followed!

This message will now self destruct…

~ kei
1 June 2015

Rabbits 1 June 2015

What? Me worry?


The only thing that could spoil a day was people. People were always the limiters of happiness, except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.

~ Ernest Hemingway

People always have an expected gain when they volunteer information.

Frankly, I am inclined to be suspicious about the motives and integrity of someone who tells me something negative about another person without facts or evidence. Certainly, It begs the question: why is the teller so threatened by the person they are maligning?

As writers, we know the importance of research, checking details and sources and if it matters to me at all, I’ll be check the facts rather than to act – in any way – that gives credence to what is only gossip unless and until all sides are out in the open and not whispered “behind the walls”.

… just thinking this AM

~ kei
30 May 2015