#BeFake ~ Silly Sundays

So… Disclaimer. My profile picture isn’t real.

Okay, well… actually it IS real just not the real ME. It will be something very like the real me in fairly short order and is a direct result of my overflowing enthusiasm for my new / old ‘look’ to evolve or perhaps ‘resurrect’ is more accurate. Certainly, it hits the high points of colour, style, fashion aesthetic and all that good stuff. My own hair is transitioning from deep purple to its pale wisteria roots (no pun – okay – yes pun) and I can’t wait!

To justify reneging on my (self-imposed, I bet you didn’t know anyway) steadfast insistence about posting real photographs of my authentic mug, I am creating a #BeFake campaign because #beincognitotemporarily campaign took too long to type! Feel free to join in 🙂

I have no idea why I felt that an explanation was in order but with the amount of ‘judgey judgey’, snarkfest, in-your-face, opinionated foofaraw that happens on Social Media, I deemed it best to preempt it by proudly stepping up and proclaiming: My Gravatar is not real!

It is however, close enough for Rock ‘N Roll.

Well… with a stylist… maybe a professional makeup artist… do you know how frakkin’ hard it is to get these eyeliner wings right??!

~ kei
23 January 2016

Strands under construction

Strands under construction

Fifty Milliseconds of ADD

*Thinking*… vanilla! pffft! trendy crap… fifty shades of bullshit… my sex is better than your sex… *humming*… ♬ better than yours ♪…what’s that tune?… ♪ ♪ La la, lalala… better than your… my hotdog’s better than… la la… this is ridiculous and what is that tune?… ♬cause my dog’s oscar meyer… *sings aloud*… my hotdog’s better than your dog ♬… that’s not right, where the hell did I hear this?… it sounds like a 70’s jingle… it’s a 70’s jingle!
*synapse epiphany aanndd – GO!!*

*sings* 🎼 My dog’s better than your dog, my dog’s better than yours. My dog’s better ’cause he eats Ken-L Ration, my dog’s better than yours!” ♪ ♪

I have remembered a jingle from a K-Tel album but I have left the house and forgotten to put on panties… SMH

The trigger: Aside on Eclectic Unconfined (18+) ~ Welcome to my brain!

~ kei
8 July 2015

Can’t Make Me Grow Up

Is it possible that I am becoming a mature responsible adult?
I did buy a hose and not shoes…

Of course, I’ve been giggling like a 14-year old at, “Got rid of the kinky old bastard”, “No more wet spots” and “Can’t wait to get my hands on that hose”, “Expands 3x…? They should market that”, “Hmm… maybe I could like this Big Boss…”


It’s all about the baby steps

Ba-Dum Ching!! 😀

Just. Stop. M’kay. Thanks.

(My face when I see that blue popup for the umpty-thousandth time)

I know, it’s supposed to be a poetry blog but… for the love of Pete! Coudja stop with the “Howdy! How may we help?” already?! Distracting as all hell.

Mmm… find me calorie-free bacon? 2.5 million dollars? my own Caribbean island? Anson Mount on a platter?

Now THAT’s helpful!