Colours ~ Ruby


Leaves dancing when we walk by
Scarf thrown casually over your shoulder
Roses blooming upon my cheeks
As your touch and kisses grow bolder
Streaks against the October evening sky
Lips pressed to the palm of your hand
His will I cannot, will not deny
Satin holding back surging demand
Fire rages, undimmed by time
Scratches etch your back with my desire
Embers needing just your breath
Wine to stoke this exquisite fire


~ kei
7 October 2014


Colours… Yellow


Sunshine on my windowsill

Buttercup glow under your chin

Daylilies in the garden nodding

Smiley faces on your boxers smiling

The scrambled eggs you bring me to bed

The daisy crown I set upon your head

Afternoon sun that is slowly waning

Evening primrose blossoms again

Our sheets the shade of daffodil