Can’t Make Me Grow Up

Is it possible that I am becoming a mature responsible adult?
I did buy a hose and not shoes…

Of course, I’ve been giggling like a 14-year old at, “Got rid of the kinky old bastard”, “No more wet spots” and “Can’t wait to get my hands on that hose”, “Expands 3x…? They should market that”, “Hmm… maybe I could like this Big Boss…”


It’s all about the baby steps

Ba-Dum Ching!! 😀

When I’m Not Writing

I have gardens again!

This means that I’m playing in mud and not writing as much. That is also a good thing, all words and no dirt makes Karin a… err… not dirty, not illiterate urchin…?

Anyway, pictorial of today’s ventures – yes, there’ll be writing but today is not that day – I may be a little too fond of my independence but I’m darn proud of my almost forgotten biceps! Forty pounds are a sleeping six-year old in my world 🙂 So the new plants and trees will be happy. I am still shaking my head over the disclaimer I noticed on the bag though.

Because nothing says “yummy!” like some brown garden mulch…