Full Corn Moon

Come to me on this full corn moon

I’ll be easy to find

Haunting the spaces of your heart

The ones that you can’t fill with any other

I’ll wait in the moonlight

Pulling those strings that you cannot cut

Woven of moonbeams and long ago dreams

It’s time to reap what we sowed so long ago

Under a different harvest moon

In a time ended too soon

Not to be eclipsed on this rotation

Or pulled back by planet clare’s gravitation

Elliptical, we cross again

Directly in each other’s path

Crash into me


In these fields of moonlit gold

~ kei
27 September 2015

Blue Thunder Moon

How many more turns of the moon?
I whisper “I love you” to the night sky
The words slip effortlessly from my lips
Smiling ruefully, I wonder why I do it
And to whom am I whispering?
Perhaps my heart, the wretched treacherous thing
Doesn’t want my lips to forget how to make the shapes
Three shapes slipping invisible and unheard
Into the midnight opal ribbons
Of a wistful, wishful Blue Moon

~ kei
30 July 2015

~ May these tiny three, find the heart of thee, may you know and return them back to me. This is my will so mote it be ~

©Karin Bole Tupper

©Karin Bole Tupper