You know…

It isn’t your feet of clay that depress me and have turned passion to pity

Not that at all, once beloved of my youth

Read this: my ironic smile

Not that at all

It is your icy heart

Your sedimentary soul

Your calcified mind

Mostly I mourn our friendship’s lost potential…

I mourn the rebuff wrapped in this abhorrently cheap suit of transparent macho immaturity you insist on wearing like an Armani suit

Your sadly archaic, Neanderthal and schoolboy-perception driven ego

That makes you think that you are above even the smallest of social courtesies

For fear that by those, I might find you enticing enough to pursue you

Sad little man

What did you do to the boy that I loved?

And no…

That question was not me flirting with you

~ kei
20 January 2016

Petites Pensées ~ Boys…

This dating thing would be so much more intriguing if all the men I see didn’t have more issues than hair… More belly than fire… More relaxed fit jeans than button-fly Levis… More Wife than let’s go to Belize…

~ kei

5 December 2015

This Is The Bar

Dudes are making me think again… way more than I should…

This is the man who I measure boys by
Call me a Daddy’s Girl, I can take it

Kicked out of high school for defending a chum
Signed up for the Air Force, a family tradition

Moved far from home, met and married my Mum
Left The Forces, got a job, became a Dad at twenty-three

Worked like a Trojan. A full time job and part time too
Saved up, bought a home, added three more kids

Completed his last two credits, went to University
Kept all his cars on the road himself, played guitar

Took us camping, taught me how to make fire with two sticks
Loved his maritime home, proud of his family tree

Wound up with a “harem” before the son showed up
Scared hell out of all our boyfriends but liked them too

Six feet tall and smokes rolled into his sleeve
Man enough to do Midol runs for his three girls

All round good guy. Loved by friends and family
This is the measure of a man to me

~ kei
17 October 2014

Dad at 17

My Dad, Scot’s Bay, NS