I felt compelled to reblog this post. I’ve known of Marcus for a while now and hoped one day to see his signature (((Awoooo))) on one of my posts. I never did go “check him out” or follow his blog. I can’t get over my peculiar thing about boys or big time bloggers should follow me first and then I won’t look like a dork follow monkey.
After reading his joint post with John over at JMC813 and loving the work so much, I’d decided to ignore my idiosyncrasy and just follow. I came to his blog only to see the heart wrenching note from Marcus’ wife.
I can’t say for sure why this makes me so very sad. Projecting a bit perhaps… I got word this afternoon that my Nanny is failing fast and I can’t imagine my life without her. A wealth of moments that I will cherish forever
Perhaps it’s because I won’t know the kind words or encouragement from a respected fellow poet who was known and admired for just that.
It may even be simply the senseless nature of his death. It echoes that of my best friend when I was a teenager and my emotions can’t help but draw the parallel and project my feelings.
I hope that his wife Felicia will take some small comfort in seeing the outpouring of love and support that Marcus inspired.
Marcus, I’m sorry that I didn’t take the opportunity to know you when I might have done. I know the poets and writers who did, expressed great admiration for you and your work.
Walk with Bailey on this next part of the journey. I will wish you a safe passage with a little bit of sage and sweetgrass tonight.
I may even howl just a little…
Blessed Be
Kateri Darkwolf
Kei, The Eclectic Poet