Please don’t haunt my dreams

I’d rather have tender blankness

Than be besieged by these ghosts

I can’t bear this loss

Of the boy who loved me

And his unending murder

By the man who is so silent and cold

~ kei
26 September 2015



Petites Pensées

I ‘ve been sitting here wracking my brain for a poet’s way to frame the thoughts running around in my head

What it is… well it’s mostly that I am not doing fine and that you’re often on my mind
That I sometimes go to the places we used to go but I go in stealth because I don’t want you to know

I’m trying to be strong and to show the world my fighting face but I get scared sometimes and it’s not easy to erase
Too much water under the bridge, I had to burn the fucker down. Can’t stop myself sometimes from turning around

Becoming a pillar of salt would be a mercy when I do. Because all that’s left is you without me and me without you

~ kei
22 October 2013

If Tomorrow Comes…

You were always just a photograph
Two dimensions that somehow transcended
The boundaries of paper, ink and emulsion
Touching off a firestorm of emotion

Burn Baby, burn…

I watch your visage char and blacken
Let the flames purify my heart and cleanse my soul
Wind to scatter the ashes of a love stillborn
Put out the fire with tears  and mourn

Wheel in the sky, watch it turn…

4 January 2013