Black… And Blue III

I do not wish to bind you, if you don’t wish to be bound

If you find you need me, you know where I’ll be found

Somewhere in your dreaming, I will wait without a sound

I haven’t asked for anything, I’ve given all I have freely

Seems that wasn’t enough for you, for that, I’m sorry

You’ve come and gone so often, it’s time for you to see

That loving is a two way street, and I can’t be holding on

To someone who only talks of love, when she’s writing a song

So next time you come knocking Babe, you’ll find that I’m long gone


She says she loves me and I want to believe
But we’re sitting in a train station
And I’m watching her leave

She says she needs me and touches my face
But then glances at her cellphone
And she picks up her suitcase

She says she wants me and it’ll be all right
But she’s gone on tour again
And I’m alone in the night

She says all the right words, to make me stay
But this world will not accept us
And now I must fade to grey

Black and Blue

Black is the colour of my true love’s hair
In the nighttime, by the firelight
Her eyes so green, mermaid stare

And every song, she sings for me
In her arms, I can truly be
Chained my heart, I’m never free
Sweet Juliette, come back for me

Black is the colour of another highway
Under her wheels, by the moonlight
Another small town gig, another day

And every song, she sings for me
In my arms, she can always be
Untamed her heart, completely free
Just Juliette, Juliette and Me

When the world’s done judging
She can be with me…