They said it couldn’t be done
Said we were both crazy
But here we are together
Still going strong my baby

I stood at the river’s edge
I made a wish
For a love that’s true

The East Wind’s voice
Caressing my ears
Carried the voice of you

They said we were foolish
Said that we’re all wrong
We’ve proved how right we are
Here together where we belong

~ kei
27 November 2012


The Joining

Is it true that the Groom shouldn’t see the Bride before their wedding ceremony?
Such a quaint and old fashioned tradition and in these days of trial run relationships, pre-nups and “I don’t need a piece of paper” days.
What of you and me?
You have seen me. A thousand times and none, you’ve seen all of me. You’ve seen me at my brightest, most beautiful best and you’ve seen me on the floor, weeping and broken at the hands of the harpies. I have seen you. In command, a leader and hero among men, a force to be reckoned with and I have held you while you weep for the lost ones and for the jealous hatred you can’t protect me from.
We have held each other through ordinary days, through the happiest times and through darkness that no couple should be subjected to. Here we are today Love, still standing. Still strong. Indivisible in the face of overwhelming odds and underhanded interference.
Today, we take each other’s hand in the land of my birth and in the home of our ancestors. Today, we breathe air that is untainted, look at sky unobscured, walk a path that is as yet untravelled but has been destined since you and I were simply stardust, sweet clover pollen and the mist of a crashing ocean wave.
I am glad that you have seen all of me in this, the time before and I am so glad that now I shall see you, in the time of so much more. I guess that old adage could be said to be true. What it speaks to me is, that I have yet to see, all the secret chambers of the heart of you.


25 July 2013


Every Picture Tells A Story XI

She couldn’t be sure that he’d really come but was standing between two sets of glass doors at the airport nonetheless, heart firmly sewn to sleeve as always. The receiving area is a no man’s land between the airline gates and the wide sweep of driveway where vacationers and business people vied for parking. It would be bustling in daylight hours but was very quiet inside at this hour. Outside, it was dark under Autumn skies, heavy with fog.

She pulled out her phone again to check the time – seven minutes later than the last check and snorted at her silliness and the butterflies in her stomach, She couldn’t help but wonder again if this was really going to happen. It had come together suddenly, this chance to finally meet but so many things could happen, and though it seemed Destiny was on their side, so many things could happen to complicate and she found herself caught on a rollercoaster swooping between moments of ecstasy and despair.

Watching the update on the Arrivals Screen, she drew a breath that was both relieved and full of trepidation. His flight had landed. She gathered her courage and walked through the revolving door, slowly though, still not convinced that something wouldn’t happen at the last minute. He’d have missed a flight, had second thoughts, other pressing commitments…

She put her hand in her jacket pocket, rubbing the guitar pick between her thumb and forefinger; a gift, a talisman and the silver glowed warm there as she caught sight of his tall frame among other travellers who stood on the escalator up from International Arrivals. When his eyes found hers, his smile told her everything she needed to know and in that moment, her life truly began…