Petites Pensées ~ Picture Perfect

My imagination is captured every time I see it
Your long, strong fingers
Casually wrapped around a frosty glass
Beads of water move slowly downward
The sinuous paths urge my thoughts similarly
And I wonder how those fingers would feel
Tenderly stroking my heated skin

~ kei
2 August 2016

Petites Pensées ~ Revenant

My day has been oddly off-kilter. A misty, otherworldly feeling since I woke this morning. So thrown off-balance by your appearance in my dreams. My subconscious must be more Welsh than the rest of me; it had to mine deep to find the image of you from then. There’s a lot that I would give to have the easy friendship, the smiles and intellectual banter that were conjured for me. The same that died the natural death of distance and years.

Even more do I wish that the warmth I felt suffuse every nerve and fibre when I looked into brown eyes that I once wished to drown in… could be a portent of what might come.

~ kei

5 January 2016

Don’t Wake Me

This teasing caress of your hands…
A day and night of magic, no words, no inhibitions
Dawn just barely illuminates the cocoon of my room
Your shadowed shade beyond my unwilling eyelids
Unwilling to break this spell you’ve woven
Preferring the candlelit illumination of last night
The inevitable reunion of soul mates
An explosive release of pent-up desires and emotions
Spilled, bitten, grasped, pushed, tossed, kissed, caressed
Memories of sinewy youthful bodies and perfect flesh
Melding and transmuting into the strength of bodies tested
Tattooing a new pattern onto the familiar beloved tender places
Words whispered, familiar and foreign in your stranger’s voice
Breathed against my ear with remembered intimacy, stealing my breath
Unhinging my knees with a kiss that is the lost key
The one to unlock the Pandora’s Box we buried together long ago
Your sweet mouth, your strong hands, my body is yours to command
Just don’t wake me, let me stay here forever
Let me live in this fierce tenderness
Let me exist only in your chocolate eyes
In the shelter of your arms
With no more separations
No more goodbyes

~ kei
28 September 2015

Coupled Sleeping Morning

Through Pages Soaked In Love ~ A Duet

I would like to introduce a piece I’ve written alongside my friend Ax. This is my first duet and he has been a patient guide and a very simpatico wordsmith. It’s an honour and privilege to co-create with someone who’s writing I admire so much. It’s been a true joy to discover the similarities in our approach and style and to share the creative process with a fellow Canadian too!

I hope you’ll all enjoy our piece as much as I enjoyed writing it with him and if you haven’t already, please go visit Ax at Perso~In~Poesia . His words will touch you, I promise. ~ kei


Kei 2

The smell of paper stained with ink
An aphrodisiac, a poet drinks
Through pages soaked in love
Held in hand, bindings spread
Fingers leaf, turning pages read

Walking through an empty park, under misty rain and pearly skies
An open book and ruffled pages, on a park bench did I spy
Through pages soaked in love
Heedless to the weather, I sat down and chanced to read
Words leaping off the pages spoke of nameless love and need

Eyes fall for the curves of her theme
Plot thickens, to sounds of screams in a dream
Through pages soaked in love
Escape the every day and find the way
To a place inside, let those fingers splay

Touched by a Poet who ached for what had been, what was not
Heart ached as I addressed it and pushed it through the slot
Through pages soaked in love
Those words had kissed my eyes, and slipped into my soul
I’d been captured by the thoughts of a man I didn’t know

Absorbing the fluid flow of evocative words
Trapped in lust, sung between dawn and dusk by birds
Through pages soaked in love
Consumed by the author’s tease
To a character most recognizable with ease

From that mailing began a flow of our correspondence
Writer’s nature, letter followed letter and grew in nuance
Through pages soaked in love
Words spilling from heart to fingers, swept us up in a flood
We were bound by indigo chains and in each other’s blood

To fall in love, to wish upon a star
To drown in lines of waves from afar
Through pages soaked in love
To dip into the abyss of a lost world
To find the secrets that lay unfurled

Exploring each other in each turn of the page
Sweet surrender to growing passion, enslaved
Through pages soaked in love
Hands caressing your fantasies and skin soaked in sweat
To read those incendiary words, “I think it’s time we met”

Page after page, without a break
The ups and downs of joy and ache
Through pages soaked in love
The final page held in trembling fear
As the end draws ever near

Desire brings you to my door under midnight skies
All those words, all that’s right, is written in your eyes
Through pages soaked in love
Our words alchemized with a touch from page to skin
Sealed with our kiss, let a new chapter to begin

Ax 2


For Poetry in Motion word prompt ~ Anticipation~ 24 May, 2015 – 30 May, 2015.

Electricity, adrenaline… power lines humming
My body is a tsunami, waiting to happen

Pacing the rooms, the hallways, the sidewalks
My ear tuned to the sound of your engine

Time bends, folds, in a tectonic-like motion
Too slow for this heart; rushing headlong to…

All the air leaves my lungs, I hear nothing but my pulse
The tornado descends, contained in your eyes

And I fall… falling… strings cut… into the endless blue
Into the wind and the rain and the hurricane of you

Desire too long contained
Miles no longer restrain
My Love is home again

~ kei
25 May 2015


We Live

His breath is my breath
As I run my fingers over his smooth chest
His lashes shadow his cheeks
As I kiss his eyelids and the secrets they keep
All the power contained within his frame
Yields to my lips, whispering his name
Only one thought occurs as we take and give
In these moments together, We truly live

© KbT
20 January 2015


What is it draws me back here
Not like I’ve nothing else to do
Yet I’m staring at this screen again
My thoughts consumed with you

It’s something in your words
Seems to have captured me
Transcending time and distance
Creating this intimacy

I find myself anticipating
Much more often than I should
My thoughts they seem to wander
Places I didn’t think they would

So as you now lie slumbering
On the other side of the world
I sit in this darkness typing
Something like a foolish girl

Truth is my heartbeat quickens
In a rhythm that I had forgot
So if this thing be foolish
I hope  it isn’t going to stop

~ kei
26 October 2014


Waking With Grace

The Sixth Story

Waking With Grace

I don’t often have trouble sleeping in a strange bed, and I’m thankful for that. Last night was a little different though…

I’d arrived at the same time as the full moon and the brilliantly lit midnight sky streamed through the studio window. We’d fallen asleep after a long and beautiful evening of supper, wine, talk and music. I was roused from our tangled limbs when I became aware of  the incessant rumbling sound from the pillow next to me. The growly rhythm was both soothing in its cadence but also a distraction when I would swim up from dreams into those moments of wakefulness. It had been a long time since I’d heard sounds like these.

And warm! as a matter of fact, it was rather hot and I guess I noticed mostly because I haven’t shared a bed in such a long time… It seemed every time I moved, I would find myself in a velvet embrace.

Eventually, as dawn was peeking through the curtains, I resigned myself to the constant attention. The gentle nuzzles and kneading were after all, a sign that we were comfortable sleeping together.

It should be mentioned too, it was the first time we’d shared his bed. It was warm and wonderful and exactly the sweet and funny awkwardness that the first time together often can be.

So. I smiled with closed eyes at the tickle of whiskers against my face and the sweet rasp of kisses on my cheek and neck.

And then I heard his sleepy voice… the deep Export lilt that weaves through and illuminates my dreams…

“Damnit Gracie! You know you’re not allowed up here. Go on, no cats allowed, get off the bed”!

~ kei
11 May 2014

Originally published in: A Grain Of Truth by Karin Bole Tupper

Waking With Ben

We Begin

I had woken up very early, what with the strange bed, unfamiliar sounds. It took a few moments to get my bearings, the flight had been not too bad, only a little turbulence to mess with my superstitious self. Our meeting at the airport had been… just like in the novels and best Hollywood movies. I can’t remember a time before that when I had been so nervous, seems funny in the retrospect of almost twenty-four hours. I’m sure that we caused some amusement among the late night arrivals and departures. It’s been forever since I travelled alone and I was know that I looked like a lost waif with my beat up World Famous purse and a backpack that sported hand-me-down buttons and badges from punk rock icons of the 70’s and 80’s. I kind of felt like a deer in the headlights when I walked into the terminal at PDX. All the crazy thoughts and rollercoaster emotions that you get when you’re doing something a little risky, a little out of your comfort zone, a little wild… Those and more ricocheted through my brain. “What am I doing? What if he isn’t here? What if this was all a dream? What if..

All of that fell away when I saw his tall frame in front of one of the inbound flight monitors. My heart did a somersault. Good to know it still can after all this time but the weak knees were a bit of a surprise. I thought I was WAY past that. He looked even more handsome than his pictures. It was the way he moved, deliberate, contained power… and the smile that lit up his face when he dropped his gaze from the screen and looked right at me. I swear, time slowed and all other sounds and people dropped away. It was just us, looking at each other. I could feel tears coming and all the strength seemed to run out of my arms and legs. The backpack slipped unheeded from my suddenly nerveless fingers and I managed a couple wavering steps toward him, a distance that he seemed to teleport over, and then, we were in each other’s arms.

I don’t remember everything we talked about, right now it’s still a delicious blur and I just want to write down what I can and fill it in later… I’m still in a hazy, warm blanket of love and laughing and total contentment.

We drove home to his loft and I don’t think either of us took a breath between talking and laughing the entire trip from the airport. Any nervousness I’d had disappeared within minutes. We fell into our rhythm and pattern of all the last months of chatting through email, letters, etc. Me, constantly interrupting – damn ADD – and then falling all over myself to apologize, him laughing at me because it’s the same when I type or chat. We stopped at the little Thai place across the street from his building for takeaway to go with the Pinot Grigio I’d picked up at the duty-free.

When we pulled into his driveway, the butterflies in my stomach decided to try another flight pattern. We sat for a moment, listening to the engine tick down as it cooled. He took my hand in his, kissing my fingertips as he looked at me, then popping his door and tipping his head with a smile in the direction of his building said, “Your castle My Queen.”

Again, my legs seemed to have forgotten the trick to walking. Watching him grab my backpack from the car and his easy movement to the door, the heady magic that his deep lilt was weaving in my head… the lift ride up to his flat seemed to take the most delicious amount of time, all I wanted was to be in his arms.

Unlocking his door, he stood back to let me in. My breath quickened simply at being in his world, here with him at last… I dropped my bag on the floor, turning to watch him close and lock the door. He grinned, tossing the keys into the air, then tucking them into his pocket. “Home sweet home…”, he said, taking a step toward me and in that moment, looking up into his eyes, feeling the warmth and beauty of him in person, I felt like I had come home. I held my arms open to him and he swept me into his hug. The kiss at the airport terminal had held a promise of a bonfire to follow the sparks, and the flare was immediate and intense.

No more words, no need for words as his body moulded itself to mine, as my tongue found his and told him everything he needed to know. Thought burned away and only desire spoke, the last coherent words in my mind, as our bodies collided with the wall and we couldn’t tell anymore where his body ended or where mine began, was his name…

~ kei

8 May 2014