Petites Pensées ~ Lonely

I think Introverts have a different definition of lonely.

It’s not that we feel alone without people.

It’s that we feel lost without the people who we understand to have defined us.

~ kei
3 March 2016

Just My Due

I’m not asking for much

Certainly, not more than what you could so easily give

Just this

A kiss

That piece of me that you hold in your memory

Because I have lost myself

My world is off its axis

And just once

I’d like to feel whole again




The way I did when I could see me

Reflected, refracted

Every facet diamond cut and perfect

In the depths of umber

That are your eyes

~ kei
21 September 2015

The Prisoner

I see the key has been dropped
Still I fear to leave my prison

One simply acclimatises you see
Though it goes against all reason

Thoughts of you all through my head
Do I dare to step outside

There’s a rage in the cage
This desire I cannot hide

Just a word is all I need
To transition to free

Imprisoned here in my dreams
I beg of you rescue me

~ kei
29 July 2015

caged woman

Monday Melancholia

Ever the little match girl

Shivering outside the hall

Watching people come and go

New and old, all welcomed

With hearts, flowers

Euphemistic hugs and “huns”

Sisterhood claimed

But only for the chosen ones

There is no real sisterhood

Behind these walls of glass


Yes. As I wave goodbye

To another stranger

I could throw a rock

To break the walls

Shatter the false illusions

Instead, I’ll square my shoulders

Souldering on with my integrity

Those who choose to listen to a snake’s whispers

Those of tribe hearts, hugs and smileys

Are too false and too shallow

For walking wounded like me

Remain in your palace of glass

Far too hard to make a true effort

And it will come to pass

That truth will be revealed

Duplicity and lies can’t be forever


~ kei
13 July 2015


It’s the mornings when I miss you most…

Where on tousled sheets your scent lingers

It’s the afternoons when I miss you most…

Discussions from Thai, to travel, to singers

It’s the nightfall when I miss you most…

Because my body craves your fingers

I miss you at all hours of the day and week but what’s a girl to do
I’m missing the man who’s my Heathcliff
And the ghost that I love
… is you

~ kei
29 May 2015