Words From Under The Hat

Your chocolate eyes are on my mind…

I see your tall frame

Legs outstretched beneath a patio table

Pork pie hat tilted at a rakish angle

And all I want is to touch your face

To listen to the music of your voice

How it makes my heart race

In days of old
When I was bold…

I would reach out with no hesitation

Run my thumb over the perfect plum

Of those lips that beg to be kissed

With each syllable that is echoed

In those deep, dark, chocolate eyes

Desire, mirrored in cocoa

I’m back from the cold
And if truth be told…

You’ve sparked me into a torch

So intensely alive

I could weep with joy

For even the scorch

Of this one evening with you

And nothing more than the sum

Of these words dipped in honey

From your lips of dusky plum

~ kei
25 June 2015

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