Petites Pensées ~ Mirror, Mirror

Your Integrity isn’t worth much

If Pride keeps you from apologizing

Or Fear lets you justify hurting someone…

~ kei
11 March 2018


Petites Pensées ~ Casual Cruelty

The effort of this passive-aggressive … it’s staggering

So when you’ve ignored me so hard that I’m bleeding internally,
Don’t be surprised when you find that this… friendship… has flatlined

~ kei
16 January 2018

Petites Pensées ~ What Might Have Been

Another of those very rare dreams about you last night
Let me be clear, this isn’t me pining, not in the least
It does strike me as rather sad though
Two people who once had so much to say to each other
Can’t find it in their hearts to observe even the social courtesies
Using technology instead of words
Maintaining the most tenuous of connections
Where once the sound of each other’s voices
Was the only sound our hearts could hear

~ kei
13 August 2017

Petites Pensées ~ Just Do It

Apropos of nothing specific, just on my mind
How much nicer would the world be
How much needless hurt and resentment gone
If only humans would rediscover the lost art of personal responsibility

The simple fact of owning that you did something wrong
instead of blaming the bus, the fax machine, the dude next door
Just say, “I messed up and I’m sorry”, “It was my mistake and I apologize”

~ kei
8 July 2017