Petites Pensées ~ Former Lovers

The hardest thing for me to understand is, how do you get from finishing my sentences, making me laugh until I cry, challenging me, longing for me, pushing me, searching me out after years… To this wall of cold silence?

I think if I knew the why of it, acceptance would come in time and I could stop having these conversations with myself that always seem to end with “well… if he cared, you would know, not questioning”.

After all that we meant to each other, how can you treat me with the detachment of a specimen under your microscope? More importantly – why?

~ kei
21 November 2015

Music: The Wallpaper Of My Life

In a moment of sardonic, ironic, twisted, introspective humour…

I think I could sum up the stages of my love life thus:

The Warrior

Back On The Chain Gang