Haiku Triplette VI ~ Old Letters

Treasured old letters
Love, hope and dreams in cursive
Preserved forever

~ kei
24 April 2016

This inked evidence
I was loved will be again
Proof’s between the lines

Heart do not despair
Your beat lives on in parchment
Tender tinder sparked

~ kei
1 June 2016

© Karin Bole 2016

© Karin Bole 2016

Haiku Triplette III ~ Come To The River

Fevered dreams of you
Aching body soaked in sweat
Be my remedy

Snake oil charlatans
Dissemblers laying on hands
Fail an Adept’s cure

Baptized in passion
You course over and through me
Elevate my soul

~ kei
9 June 2015