The thought caught me by surprise
Was it a sign of weakness?
Have you ever had one of those moments?

Well, not weakness so much as a surfacing
A loosening and a flowing
And the feeling that I thought was weakness

Started to taste more like desire
How I remember that flavour anyway
It’s the memory of how my name sounds

When it’s spoken from your lips

20 September 2017
~ kei

OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ Kyrielle I

You relight the fuse and walk away
It’s your heart, not mine that you betray
This barrier, I must break through
Again, my thoughts return to you

I’m all aflame with your memory
You’re the only cure, my remedy
These words of mine, I know I’ll rue
Again, my thoughts return to you

Unbend your mind, no need to fear
True love and soul mates trump the years
What more am I supposed to do?
Again, my thoughts return to you

~ kei
8 October 2015

When we were driving in your Dad's car...

Day eight in the Kyrielle form


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OctPoWriMo 2015
Image by: Morgan Dragonwillow

Just My Due

I’m not asking for much

Certainly, not more than what you could so easily give

Just this

A kiss

That piece of me that you hold in your memory

Because I have lost myself

My world is off its axis

And just once

I’d like to feel whole again




The way I did when I could see me

Reflected, refracted

Every facet diamond cut and perfect

In the depths of umber

That are your eyes

~ kei
21 September 2015

Sirena Armenia

I swim through palest amber glow


Romancing The Stoned

I swam in your blood a long time ago

You remain in my veins always

Me, captured in amber memories

Coquina-like in the ocean of my soul

Could I be blamed for submerging here

Within a nautilus of love, desire, and total submission

Could I be blamed for reaching out just one more time

Could the ocean be blamed for returning to the shore

Should I be shamed for crashing myself here

Unto the only shore, into the only arms

That ever were strong enough to receive

Wild enough to conceive

Of a coalescence as primal as the earth’s

Own conception



~ kei
19 September 2015

Old Friends

I wish that I could read your mind
The bridge is built yet the wall remains
Is it fear? Remnants of a young man’s pride?
Perhaps it’s a blessing that thoughts are invisible
I will keep my heart open
Put the past aside my friend
Our autumn is here
I would have mine
Coloured in every shade
Every tone
~ KbT
14 August 2015

Colours ~ Ruby


Leaves dancing when we walk by
Scarf thrown casually over your shoulder
Roses blooming upon my cheeks
As your touch and kisses grow bolder
Streaks against the October evening sky
Lips pressed to the palm of your hand
His will I cannot, will not deny
Satin holding back surging demand
Fire rages, undimmed by time
Scratches etch your back with my desire
Embers needing just your breath
Wine to stoke this exquisite fire


~ kei
7 October 2014


Some times, some places

Have a scent, leave traces

Long sleeping thoughts awaken my brain

Thoughts from which I should refrain

Yet they hover round the perimeter

When I’m feeling at my most insecure

Finding their way to top of mind

Thoughts of you are what I find

I wish that wishes made them go

You’re from too far gone I know

I don’t want to remember can’t you see

And yet your image hijacks me

This mist of water in the air

Kisses my face, dampens my hair

I reach for your hand from memory

Though you’re nowhere near that I can see

Still you haunt the corners of my deepest dreams

I’ve never escaped your hold it seems

Unfinished business you taunt me so

If you’ll never come back please…

Let me go

~ kie

28 September 2014