Big Pond

One fish, two fish
Me fish, you fish

Plenty of fishes
Wishbone wishes

That little fish
What a dish!

But wait what’s this
A Bait and switch

Not rainbow trout
Just a big ole mud pout

All the little fishes
With their fishy little wishes

Swimming in the same old puddle
Same old worms, same old trouble

Plenty of fish? Yeah, well… Maybe
They all look like sharks to me

This little mermaid went to the ocean
This little mermaid crossed the sea
This little mermaid loves a sailor
That has yet to capture she

One fish, two fish
Old fish, new fish

Plenty of shark-ish
Dangerous liasons-ish
Methinks I’ll stay alone-ish
In my lovely, landlocked home

~ kei
9 April 2015

Big Surf Blind Date

I Don’t Wanna!

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To write a poem every day
Is a challenge I must say

So to fulfil my poetical obligation
To this rhyme craze sweeping the nation

I offer up this pile of shite
For try and try as I might

My pen is a wayward teenager
Bucking even things that intrigue her

And so, NaPoWriMo on Day two
This is the best that I can do!

~ kei
2 April 2014



National Poetry Writing Month

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Seducing Dr. Seuss

Dear Fractious,

Following our interesting conversation, I submit for your perusal, this piece in the style of which we spoke.

Kind regards, Fractured


Take my hand, touch my face
Run your thumb over my lips

Read my eyes, kiss my mouth
Put your hands on my hips

Taste my skin, use your teeth
Whisper low into my ear

Ask the question, with your fingers
Say the words I want to hear

Run your hands, under my shirt
Make the spark burst into flame

Drop my clothes, on the floor
Make my every breath your name

Feel me shaking, when I unbutton
And stroke my fingers over you

Tell me yes, whisper please
Oh the sweet things that you do

~ Kei
1 September 2011