The Duel

Ever do I wait my turn, to be asked to duet, still here I yearn
So until such time you invite me to, I’ll content myself with a poetic duel…


Surrender my weapon?
My Good Sir, I won’t

You may think that you have me
Be assured Sir, you don’t

I am not like the others
Who are drawn to your charm

For though I find you pleasing
You have yet to disarm

You’ll find me much more elusive
Than what you’ve encountered to date

Indeed you’re a master of the parry and feint
I glisé hold my guard and you’ll have to wait

For though you’re fond of the derobement
And opponents’ broad stroke words

Your wield rapier pen with fiery desire
To master me at the point of your sword

~ kei
19 June 2015

Shivers duet duel