Petites Pensées

I wish I could erase your body’s imprint from this virginal bed

Not hear the siren sound of your voice in words you never said

I can make my heart to still, wall it up against what was

Put up boundaries round my mind, make it impervious

But your image still speaks to my body, finds the target every time

Calls to me from a distant photo, In the dialect of my kind

~ kei
15 October 2013

Petites Pensées

I need to stop sleeping with my laptop

Once, it was like having you for a nightlight

Alone but not lonely, secure even in distance

Now, it’s like staring into an open refrigerator

Where a glaring lightbulb reveals only emptiness

Alone and left hungry for something, anything

Maybe tonight, I’ll try sleeping without

The hum of the modem for my lullabye

Or not…

~ kei
1 October 2013