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From your favourite Introvert – where can I buy some of these gadgets?!

Chicken Soup for the Introvert

And on the heels of last week’s snow storm; this is not an unusual sight in my city. It keeps this ‘ole lady limber!

Our city snow plough drivers are the coolest ;-)

Our city snow plough drivers are the coolest 😉

Things You Need to Know About the Outgoing Introvert

THIS! It brilliantly explains many aspects of the ‘Social Introvert’ personality of which I am one – right down to the phone thing…

A Depressed Christian Girl

(I read this on a friend’s tumblr blog and felt it needed to be shared)
1. When we see you after a long day, we might be all irritable and not want to talk

It has nothing to do with you. Outgoing introverts, though still introverts at their core, often need to recharge after a large use of social energy. After a long day of dealing with people, our social batteries are drained and we need to unwind and recover, usually alone.

2. We’re charming creatures and can be the life of the party, but…

You’ll be surprised how much we actually live in our heads. People often confuse us for extroverts, but we’re too introspective and over-think too much to be one.

3. If we like you, we really like you.

We don’t waste our time with people we’re not completely crazy about. If we agreed to go on…

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