Homophobia Sneaks in Everywhere: From Mississippi to Oregon

I’m a reblogging fool today and because the messages I’m sharing are so important to get out there. Please take a moment to read. ~ kei

Social Justice For All

LGBT Folk Not Welcome LGBT Folk Not Welcome

I could feel my heart being crushed at the news that the Republican Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant, signed a bill on Friday that makes it legal to discriminate against people in the LGBT community.  While not surprising coming from Mississippi, it is nonetheless disappointing. Not the first and probably not the last time the state of Mississippi is on the wrong side of history–this is not a state known for equity and equality.

Sadly, closer to home, I realize that the purported progressive Portland, Oregon hosts many homophobes as well. Last week, it came to light that the owner of The Moreland Farmers Pantry, in Sellwood, a Portland neighborhood, spewed her homophobic views. Owner Chauncy Childs posted this on her Facebook page about gays and same-sex marriage: “…a tiny minority is dictating a change of our social structure.”  I guess a population wanting equality and equity needs to be…

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Black and Blue

Black is the colour of my true love’s hair
In the nighttime, by the firelight
Her eyes so green, mermaid stare

And every song, she sings for me
In her arms, I can truly be
Chained my heart, I’m never free
Sweet Juliette, come back for me

Black is the colour of another highway
Under her wheels, by the moonlight
Another small town gig, another day

And every song, she sings for me
In my arms, she can always be
Untamed her heart, completely free
Just Juliette, Juliette and Me

When the world’s done judging
She can be with me…