Save Mooney’s Bay ~ One More Push

Don’t be bland about Blanding’s turtle – they are globally endangered – not just the Canuck ones. Personally, I’m less concerned about the “danger noodle” but…

So, the Integrity Commissioner has found there were major breaches to Ottawa’s lobbying rules in the lead up to the announcement of a new playground in Mooney’s Bay Park. This was already painfully apparent but we are now backed by findings resulting from the formal investigation in to this boondoggle. The complete article can be read here:

Hi! I’m a ‘Murrican Blanding’s turtle!

Not to mention, one mature tree produces enough oxygen to support a family of four for one year. They destroyed 16-50 (numbers still not confirmed) mature, healthy trees to put up a bunch of wood chips (ironic…) and plastic crap. Canada (the 2nd largest country in the world) is home to 10% of the world’s forests, that is a shit ton (official Canuck unit of measure) of O2!

Let’s get the petition over the 1000 mark – it’s been noted in communications with CBC news and City Council that people beyond Ottawa care about the environment and endangered species. For those who’ve already signed the petition, you have my heartfelt thanks. You can also show support by liking and sharing the Save Mooney’s Bay Facebook page. Heck! If you sign the petition, I may stop squawking about this.


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Disclaimer: I am speaking strictly for myself and not for Save Mooney’s Bay.

Save Mooney’s Bay ~ Now With Sexy Video

And a hi-ku for good measure, this being a poetry blog and all…

Hi little turtle
We’re trying to save your home
Our mayor’s a poophead

~ kei 24 June 2016

For those who signed the petition, you have my heartfelt thanks.

From the Save Mooney’s Bay Facebook page:


#canada150, #giver150, #letsgiver, #ottawacity, #onpoli, #tvokids, @SinkingShipEnt,@ottawacitizen, @ctvottawa, @ottnews, @kateportercbc, @ottawasuncom, @cfraottawa, cbcottawa

Disclaimer: I am speaking strictly for myself and not for Save Mooney’s Bay.

Save Mooney’s Bay ~ Look At That Face! Aww…

Your support matters and your voice is being heard. Thank you!

For those who signed the petition, you have my heartfelt thanks. Our mayor continues to hide behind feigned ignorance and has now denied environmentalists, et al, their democratic voice: “This is one acre out of 72 acres,” said the mayor. “It’s a children’s playground with teeter totters and swing sets and monkey bars. So I think a lot of what’s been said over the last couple of days has been embellished. And I think when people see the finished product — particularly the kids — they’re going to love it.” Not one word of this is true and the Mayor knows this. Y’all have seen the pooping moose, right?

This despite the reams of studies, letters emails and the proposals of Sinking Ships Entertainment itself. This may not be your neighbourhood but it’s part of the world’s ecosystem – please add your voice if you can.

From the Save Mooney’s Bay Facebook page:

“Did you know that the Blanding’s turtle (a species that’s provincially and nationally threatened) was identified as a species at risk at the Mooney’s Bay site? (report here: This is currently their nesting period, but the heavy trucks and current state of grounds will keep them away. If you do spot any at Mooney’s Bay, please take a picture!

Please note that the environmental reports were done after the contract was signed and not released until June 6th — well after the site had been fenced off, ripped up, dug out and filled with gravel.

Informational link about the release of Blanding’s littlies in Toronto



Sing along with me people: Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone…

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Disclaimer: I am speaking strictly for myself and not on behalf of Save Mooney’s Bay.

Save Mooney’s Bay ~ They Paved Paradise…

To put up a pooping moose!

Who in their right mind would see this and the other nine structures to go into the stated 1 acre space a suitable tribute to 150 years of Canadian nation building?!

Sing along with me people: Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone…

#canada150, #giver150, #letsgiver, #ottawacity, #onpoli, #tvokids, @SinkingShipEnt,@ottawacitizen, @ctvottawa, @ottnews, @kateportercbc, @ottawasuncom, @cfraottawa, cbcottawa

Save Mooney’s Bay ~ Can You Hear Me Now Mayor Watson??

One Of The ManyNow people don’t like city hall … again. Democracy, tax money and the like, you know.

Full article: Just Say You’re Sorry On Mooney’s Bay Fiasco

Save Mooney’s Bay ~ This Is The Peoples’ Voice

Please help me save this beautiful greenspace in my city. This isn’t your city but I think many of us believe in saving trees, free beaches, picnics and not letting local government bulldoze these things to accommodate the whim of a reality show. Money should never have a louder voice than the facts or the will of the people.

A one acre section of green space on the historic Rideau Canal, a UNESCO world heritage site, and a habitat for several endangered species is being destroyed because the City of Ottawa secretly made a deal with a private TV production company to build Canada’s largest playground at Mooney’s Bay.

Thank you in advance from me, my kids and my future grandkids.

Save Mooney’s Bay – please sign on principle

Facebook Page: Save Mooney’s Bay – please like, read or follow

Our WordPress page – please follow and tweet hell out of any posts that resonate with you:

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Ode To Manscaping

 or… That 70’s Brand Name Poem


Disco Dan, the dancing man
Pearl Drops teeth and a QT tan
Seen him once or twice before
In his polyester suit at Studio 54
Better stand back Ladies!
Cause he’ll drive you crazy
He’s a lady-killer, best believer
He’ll give you Saturday night fever
He asked me to do the hustle
Oh Baby! Set fire to my bustle
Look out Girls, this one’s mine
Disco Dan, so mighty fine
He left with me, I won that prize
But later that evening to my surprise
Thought I’d found the perfect love slave
But he hadn’t heard of Phillishave
So I had to set the poor boy wise cause…
His unruly crotchstache burned my eyes
©KbT, September 2011

Oh Canada!

We are celebrating Canada Day and I expect to be away from any electronic distractions and so, a post of my usual ADD / Two AM thoughts / Random about Canada, Canadians and love of place.

canada flag photo: Canada1 canada1.gif


A little bit of sass and humour:

Oh! My baby makes me feel so fine
My crabby but sweet little porcupine
Lovin’ her, it hurts so good
Just like my Mama said it would
Her quills are tipped with Love Potion #9
My prickly and funny valentine
You know I ain’t never gonna leave her
Cause she’s my red and white hot-blooded
All tattooed and studded
Best Canadian Beaver!

Oh Canada…

(Original post on Eclectic, August 2014)


The musical interlude:

The Maple Leaf Forever” should have won but I’ll be belting “Oh Canada” in both official languages.



The true sentiment of the day and a flourish of flag:

I have lived here since the world began and Kanata just a village. I have been a Loyalist. I have been an immigrant. I have been a British Home Child, a War Bride, a disgraced European noble and the Prime Minister of Canada. Every shade of the rainbow and from sea to shining sea…

I am Canadian and Canada is Me.

Canada Day 2013~ kei
1 July 2015


For Poetry in Motion picture prompt ~ Everlasting ~, 31 May, 2015 – 7 June, 2015.

Old love letters
Decomposing prose
Spidery indigo declarations
Bound to a fragile dried rose

Rheumy eyes and shaking fingers
Transformed by the magic in these
Talismans of youth and fire
Dispel the years’ decay with ease

Though the petals and parchment are crumbling
And the hands that hold them ever so frail
The truth of our passion is forever
When new eyes chance to read our tale

~ kei
1 June 2015




Do You?

Do you feel it?

Do your fingertips tingle with the memory of caressing my skin?

Do your hands tremble with desire to mould and squeeze every inch of my body to your own?

Do your arms reach for me during thunderstorms or when the scent of jasmine is on the wind?

Does your body ache with desire for the phantom pressure of my back cradled against your chest?

Do you fall asleep sated and at peace, holding onto the ghostly contours that are what you still own of me?

Then don’t keep me waiting any longer…

~ kei
28 May 2015

Do You?