Trying, trying, trying. Every day I’m happying. Every day is new. Every day, in every way; I fall more in love with you…

Workaday Thoughts

I feel your touch everywhere
In the precious ache that stays with me all day
Reminding me that you’ve shared my body
In the shape of sweet love bruises that make me smile
In the taste of you that I savour lingering on my tongue
You are in me, on me and all around me
When I crave you, when hunger is all I feel
I remember these things
And then the waiting from morning’s kiss goodbye
To the evening’s welcome home hug
Seems slightly more bearable
If only for the deferred happiness
That I know is waiting for me
At home
With you

~ kei
22 May 2014

A Painter's Hands

First Light

I woke cocooned in perfect warmth and sleepy contentment this morning
Swimming up through the soft, wispy layers of consciousness, smiling
Our past lives rattled the windows and tried to peek in to disturb
Nothing could break the spell, or disturb the sleeping mirage in my arms
This morning, I’m not alone. The dark-haired myth now shares my pillow
A faerytale knight once, now  warm, real and perfect in this story
Shining armour strewn upon my floor, a testament to who won the night before

In the moments when tenderness is the mistress holding my desire in check
I watch him sleep. Traces of the little boy come and go with his breathing
Lashes cast a shadow on his cheek, a stray lock of hair falls over the wing of his brow
He stirs with a soft sigh and in sleep, takes my hand where it rests on the crest of his hip
So beautiful, so vulnerable. I am filled with, overflowing with the gentlest, most tender love
A most fierce wish to shield and protect and… Desire, Love’s brilliant disguise
White hot, aching desire that I can’t keep inside. Wake up Love. Wake to love me again

~ kei
10 May 2014



I meet my lover in abandoned alleyways, the floor of artists’ lofts and country roads at midnight
My lover resides where the moonlight hides
We trace constellations onto each others skin
We share dusk coloured dreams and Milky Way kisses
Our story begins when the moon is my light and as yet only his beacon

I take my lover in darkened meadows, vintage back seats and crisp cotton sheets at midnight
My lover lives where moonlight shines
We map galaxies with our fingertips and tongues
We share a fire that eclipses the nightmares of before
Our story is a blazing comet and stars that shine only for he and I

~ kei
7 May 2014

Alleyway Love Portland, OR Ph