Wonderful Wednesday

Not so wordless today 🙂

One of the first things I saw this AM and still making me smile – yes, I’ve watched three times already – I am a crazy Mumma Bear for kids.

WordPress won’t allow the posting of videos on plebeian blogs like mine so I posted it over on my Blogger site. It’ll be worth your finger twitch for the smile. Promise.

Happy Dancing Wednesday

Oh Canada!

We are celebrating Canada Day and I expect to be away from any electronic distractions and so, a post of my usual ADD / Two AM thoughts / Random about Canada, Canadians and love of place.

canada flag photo: Canada1 canada1.gif


A little bit of sass and humour:

Oh! My baby makes me feel so fine
My crabby but sweet little porcupine
Lovin’ her, it hurts so good
Just like my Mama said it would
Her quills are tipped with Love Potion #9
My prickly and funny valentine
You know I ain’t never gonna leave her
Cause she’s my red and white hot-blooded
All tattooed and studded
Best Canadian Beaver!

Oh Canada…

(Original post on Eclectic, August 2014)


The musical interlude:

The Maple Leaf Forever” should have won but I’ll be belting “Oh Canada” in both official languages.



The true sentiment of the day and a flourish of flag:

I have lived here since the world began and Kanata just a village. I have been a Loyalist. I have been an immigrant. I have been a British Home Child, a War Bride, a disgraced European noble and the Prime Minister of Canada. Every shade of the rainbow and from sea to shining sea…

I am Canadian and Canada is Me.

Canada Day 2013~ kei
1 July 2015


My Great Grandpa built boats for a living
Names that you likely would recognize
I didn’t notice that when I was small
He was the Grandpa who carved me toys

Summers in the boathouse at Scott’s Bay
Tales of brigs, schooners and barques
He crafted wonder from words and wood
Gifted me an imagination uncharted

Swashbucklers, sea monsters and mermaids
In mirrored boxes, with waves of plaster
Miniature craft of such exquisite detail
He wove tales of pirates, adventure and disaster

I wonder, when people look at his handwork
Displayed so pristinely in museums
Do they feel the magic that’s held inside
And see the treasure charts to dreams

~ kei
Sometime in 2012

Built at Scott's Bay, NS by Harris Thorpe (and many others)

Other ships were also built in the Lockhart Shipyard by other builders include the ‘Huntley’, a four-masted Schooner of 600 gross tons. Built in 1918 by James Harris Thorpe.

The Huntley was the last ship to be built in Scott’s Bay, Nova Scotia.

History of the mills and shipyards in Scott’s Bay. Great Grandpa’s schooner’s are listed here.