Eli’s Ever After ~ Haibun Thinking


From Al’s description: “Welcome to Haibun Thinking. A weekly challenge to get your creative juices running. The challenge is to create something from one of the prompts below using the form of the Haibun. A piece of work ending in a Haiku style poem of three lines.”

Al provides both a photograph and a literary quote as the prompt each week.

The literary quote this week: “Grown up, and that is a terribly hard thing to do.
It is much easier to skip it
and go from one childhood to another.”
– F. Scott Fitzgerald


Eli’s Ever After

I was convinced that if I could pretend I wasn’t looking, I would catch a closer look at the wee pixie that followed my parent’s car. For years, she accompanied me, leaping and running at light speed along the highway verge, from fencepost to fencepost. Tiny, brown; always smiling and happy. She was a fixture of family trips.

Often, I would find myself seeing through her eyes, feeling the wind and the blur of the earth under my feet. It was exhilarating!

Some days, I still see her running beside me. She’s slowed the smallest bit in the intervening years. That makes me smile; I was worried I’d lose sight of her when I had to start using this walker!

Young exuberance
Doesn’t truly disappear
It lives in your heart

~ kei
14 October 2014


Description of the Haibun poetry form from Rays Web: The haibun is prose (or a prose poem) interleaved with one or more haiku.

Painting Me Brand New ~ Haibun Thinking

Haibun Thinking: Week 8 – 10 March 2014

This week’s Haibun Thinking is “Freestyle” Week. This is to produce a Haibun with no prompt. After thinking about this, I felt this may not be helpful to everybody, so I decided that you can either use anything of your choice as a prompt, or if you have difficulty trying to get something to come to you, then you can use one of the prompts already used. I have included all six of the previous photos, art piece or quotes.


Me, I’m going to freestyle this one :). And… Go!

Deft touch, artist's brush

Deft touch, artist’s brush

Painting Me Brand New

Acceptance and grace in the face of the lie that I’ve been forced to live for almost two years. This was all that I’ve hoped for as I emerge from the slime that is the world he made for me.  It never crossed my mind that such a bright and beautiful soul could take notice of me among the many lovely people that surround him. I find it easier to face my face, when you take my shoulders, turning me to see how I’m reflected in the beauty and compassion of the bright, blazing light in your beautiful blue eyes.

Yet felt in every fibre
The essence of you

~ kei
13 March 2014


Description of the Haibun poetry form from Rays Web: The haibun is prose (or a prose poem) interleaved with one or more haiku.

Forgotten Princess ~ Haibun Thinking

I’ve wanted to try my hand at Haibun for a while now. This week’s prompt was irresistible. I am a long-time fan of Dr. Seuss.

Haibun Thinking: Week 6 – February 25th 2014
As it would have been the birthday of Dr Seuss this Sunday coming, the prompt this week is one of his. He certainly knew how to impart his wisdom.
We have been enjoying the Haibun that have been created for this challenge, and we look forward to many more. You creativity in all forms shows that you have grasped the general idea of the Haibun.
Thank you for participating, and I hope you enjoy taking part as well.

This week’s Literature Prompt:

Today you are you!
That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!
~ Dr Seuss


Black Rose

Forgotten Princess

Time and encroaching Urban Sprawl had isolated her in a home that had fallen into decay. She had been a beauty once. Now, the children on her street called her a witch. They egged her house on All Hallows Eve. They rang the doorbell and ran away. Even the adults of the community avoided neighbourly calls.
On a certain day of every year though, she remembers that once she was beautiful and special to someone. She lights candles on the mantle under the portrait of a young man in uniform. The cobwebs in the corners and the dusty furniture recede from her vision. The blackened roses regain their colour and vitality and she smiles to herself.

Beauty gone to seed
A rose she can be called still
Blooms yet in his eyes

~ kei
25 February 2014

Description of the Haibun poetry form from Baymoon: The haibun is prose (or a prose poem) interleaved with one or more haiku.

**Constructive criticism welcome but please be gentle, this is my first time ;-)**