When You’ve Nothing To Say…

Go ‘Throwback Thursday’!

I’m still unpacking (shush now) and came across a folder of artwork – prints, kids’ early work, keepable greeting cards – all that stuff. Also, this photo of an original art piece done by my friend Cory LeBlanc, an Ottawa Indie art scene regular. It was done several years ago, oil pastel of my eyes. My favourite bit is the rusty-brown ‘witch mark’ in my left eye.

Kei's Eyes by Cory LeBlanc

Kei’s Eyes by Cory LeBlanc

Circadian ~ Acrostic XII

Maidenhair Fern

orning sunlight is the visual canvas

rt of fronds in greens and golds

ridescence brushes each surface

rawing Bruges-like shadows

merald embroidery in the air

ature outside may slumber

ere in the warmth of my home

iry pinna capture the essence

n feathery greenery that whispers

eturn she will, keep faith

or this is the joy of the indoor garden

veryday magick is the Circadian

eminding that summer is just out of sight

N o further than The Wheel’s revolution

~ kei
1 December 2015

Kiss my winter weary eyes with green... ©Karin Bole Tupper

Kiss my winter weary eyes with green…
©Karin Bole Tupper


Green Eyes Gone

There are oceans of sadness, that are caught in just one tear

Do you see the ghosts that haunt me whenever you draw near

It’s easy to find the tender spots, they’re reflected in my eyes

Like a waterfall of emptiness, of loss, betrayal and lies

In their emerald depths look deeply, fronds of seaweed abound

They call to you so sweetly, heed their siren call and drown

I waiver on this precipice, do I leap to the depths below

Dare I hope you’d mourn my loss, when you see that I’ve let go

~ kei

6 March 2014

Green Eyes Waterfall 2009