OctPoWriMo 2015 ~ Deaf Ears

Whatever happened to the boys of my youth
Specifically you, if I’m telling the truth

I can accept the changes that Life and aging brings
Not so much the difference in fundamental things

From conversations that went well into the night
Sharing ideas and theories like a burning light

To a taciturn coldness and gruff demeanour
You wear ill manners just like it’s your armour

The hardest thing of all that I have to swallow
Is how the change in you leaves me feeling hollow

You inspired me to be the very best I can
Yet you’ve become a jaded, middle-aged man

Closed off by arrogance or misconception
Rebuffing friendship or the mildest affection

Once omnipotent in your positive influence on me
Now just impotent and cynical is all that I see

~ kei
5 October 2015

Go, if go you must.

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OctPoWriMo 2015
Image by: Morgan Dragonwillow

Petites Pensées ~ The 180


Is like moving mountains
Creating life, love, sanity, shelter anew
The hardest part for me

Is watching friends I’ve known my entire life
My haven, joy, support and champions
Those who were the foundation of my life

Walk away from me without a backward glance
As if I were no more important to them
Than a gas station clerk on the highway of their life

~ kei
18 August 2015

K-Town Time Machine

So… I was away from the screen this weekend and y’all have been VERY busy! I can’t even begin to try to catch up with reading everything. Please consider this a like of appreciation for all I missed. I’ll get to the emails for sure but am starting fresh today with all your posts.
Cheers All! ~ k

A perfect day, just you and me
Like when we were K-Town royalty

There’s nothing like a day with your Best Friend
Free of kids, boys, responsibilities
Just sunshine, cider, bicycles
The same paths from skipping Biology
Morphing back with every step
We’re still Kateri and Desirée

Laughing at everything
Especially YOU boys
Finding the old magic places
Stopping to pop open a cider
And toast in the old hollow
To dreams achieved, butts that are wider

We made it Girl, from teenage angst
All those crazy dreams and schemes
And we still rule these streets
Thumbing our noses at authority
“What they gonna do?”
We’re two cute, feisty old ladies

On a sweet summer Saturday
We are still K-Town’s royalty

~ kei
20 July 2015

BFF's ©Karin Bole Tupper

©Karin Bole Tupper


Friendships are Life’s best gifts to us
When kindred spirits intertwine

Soul mates newer and the older
No matter the vintage of the wine

So did I think of you my friend
Such kinship offered was thine

How sad that barely savoured
It was blighted on the vine

~ kei
9 July 2015


Is it best to keep a little mystery
Let music and rhyme set us free

Is everything it seems to be
Am I her, is she Me

Spin a little fantasy

Does truth lie in the poetry
Do mundane updates hold veracity

When you push the button
To friend request me

What is it that you want to see?

~ kei
24 May 2015

Verdigris View

Verdigris View


What is it draws me back here
Not like I’ve nothing else to do
Yet I’m staring at this screen again
My thoughts consumed with you

It’s something in your words
Seems to have captured me
Transcending time and distance
Creating this intimacy

I find myself anticipating
Much more often than I should
My thoughts they seem to wander
Places I didn’t think they would

So as you now lie slumbering
On the other side of the world
I sit in this darkness typing
Something like a foolish girl

Truth is my heartbeat quickens
In a rhythm that I had forgot
So if this thing be foolish
I hope  it isn’t going to stop

~ kei
26 October 2014


Petites Pensées ~ Strengths

What I find is that as I’m getting reacquainted with me, is that he is a large part of the definition of myself.

I spent more than half my life with him

The “Elf Dance” is as much a part of my DNA as “Boogers for sale” and for better or for worse…

He defines much of the things that I like best about me.

That is the legacy of love.

~ kei

13 October 2014