Blessed Yule

Another year is closing.

This will be a very different Yule for me. My Dad and my Grandmother are gone, one of my babies is on the west coast, thousands of miles away. There is a new baby in the family – my Nephew’s daughter, just two weeks old and that’s a blessing. She is a beautiful and poignant reminder of how our lives and family connections are all circular.

Wishing all of my friends here a wonderful holiday season. May your observances and celebrations reinforce all the ties that bind and may we all enjoy the gifts of peace, hope and love.

~ kei
21 December 21015

“Midnight Messenger” by Anne Stokes

We Stand On Guard

Since before Confederation, The American Revolution, The Boer War, The War of 1812, First World War, Second World War, Korea. On land, on sea, in air – my family has been proud to serve, fight and die for this country and yours. I wish I could honour all of them with a photo or a word or two. I’ll settle with the simplest and the most heartfelt.
Thank you.


Life Goes On…

… As it should

I carry you in the crinkle of my eyes, the dimple in my chin and the black hair that was the bane of my existence in the blonde, blue-eyed, first generation Supermodel days.

I carry you in whistling down cardinals, orioles, hawks and doves. In singing with the Celtic lilt that connects me to highlands and heather.

I carry you in kindness, charity and fairness. In love thy neighbour and in having the courage of my convictions.

I carry you in the tides and oceans that I know as intimately as my own heartbeat and in the sailor’s knots that can be made with both rope and lives.

I might write again. I might not.

But life does go on and so damn quickly…

I intend to not squander one more second of it.

~ kei

20 October 2015

My Dad

Earl Charles Tupper
Husband, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Uncle, Friend
8 April 1937-13 October 2015

For my tolerance, Feminism, fairness, love of family and place
For my humour, bad habits, black hair, making fire with two sticks
For my strength that doesn’t shun tears, for believing in me no matter what
You will always be the measure of a man to which all others must aspire
I love you Papasan

~ ‘karn liz, xo

Heartfelt thanks for all of your kind comments, the support is so appreciated. I have some close friends here on WP and didn’t want to simply disappear without a word or stay away without letting you know what’s happened. Take good care, K

One Of The Best Days

23 September is my Firstborn’s Birthday

She is a chapter in my heart’s book that will never be finished

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all the Mum’s out there a day that is perfect for you ❤

This is the title that I value most. Mamasan, Mumsy Dearest, Mumma ❤