Craving My Kind

At what point does craving become crazed
The crossroads of desire denied and utter despair

Tactile memories conspire to keep me on edge
A raging fire that consumes – has consumed all fuel in its wake

I am left with the taste of you on my lips
The feel of my hands on the ghost of your sweat slicked back

Controlled, maddened by this aching, insatiable impulse
My hunger grows and my desire hunts you tirelessly over the miles

~ kei
7 March 2016

Shivers thinking of you

Not Over You

I was sure my inspiration was gone dry as an Arctic desert but… some people are like that one drop of water or that one tiny spark that you need to take one more step, reach for that sip, bleed just a little more ink.


This unwanted wanting

The nameless need that I proclaim

This is what comes from our talking

The rain is falling

Keep falling rain

Take me back there again

This afternoon should be tangled sheets

Sweat slick bodies and years of famine finally sated

But it’s a tricksy email, fancy footwork

Ties that bind and can’t get off work

This nameless need that knows my name

Knows my heart and screws my brain

This wanting and endless taunting

Never stop sweet Blue Eyes

It’s good to be wanted

Better to be needed

I love all these thwarted tries

And the ache between my thighs

And I’ll never audibly proclaim

This ever the same, naming you my need

For the wanted, leaves me haunted

Sweet, hot spill of your seed…

~ kei
27 November 2015

Is this afternoon delight? Maybe… probably just absolute shite… but you can always find me here and yourself too, on the days you feel you’ve lost those hard, sharp pieces of your fiery youth. They live forever inside my words… and so do we.
Not keeping this on Unconfined. I kinda like it and I kinda want the world to know that some things never change, even if they can’t ever be.
Oh! And yes. Yes, I do write for you. Still.

Don’t Wake Me

This teasing caress of your hands…
A day and night of magic, no words, no inhibitions
Dawn just barely illuminates the cocoon of my room
Your shadowed shade beyond my unwilling eyelids
Unwilling to break this spell you’ve woven
Preferring the candlelit illumination of last night
The inevitable reunion of soul mates
An explosive release of pent-up desires and emotions
Spilled, bitten, grasped, pushed, tossed, kissed, caressed
Memories of sinewy youthful bodies and perfect flesh
Melding and transmuting into the strength of bodies tested
Tattooing a new pattern onto the familiar beloved tender places
Words whispered, familiar and foreign in your stranger’s voice
Breathed against my ear with remembered intimacy, stealing my breath
Unhinging my knees with a kiss that is the lost key
The one to unlock the Pandora’s Box we buried together long ago
Your sweet mouth, your strong hands, my body is yours to command
Just don’t wake me, let me stay here forever
Let me live in this fierce tenderness
Let me exist only in your chocolate eyes
In the shelter of your arms
With no more separations
No more goodbyes

~ kei
28 September 2015

Coupled Sleeping Morning

Luminous ~ Acrostic XI

From “Eclectic Unconfined” ~ mature content and 18+ readers only SVP

ight caresses each angle of your body

mber swathes glinting on pecan

y heart clutches in pain at such beauty

ncandescence captures me

ext to you I am bathed in a glow

ne that captivates, your scent entices

pon these silken sheets

hining desire, silken sweat… Luminous

~ kei
20 September 2015

Shivers sitting man


Wordless do I slip away

Helpless to the currents of mundanities

Heartbeat slowing

Blood cooling

Slower flowing

Clinging to a fragment of debris

One buoyant sliver of hope

To survive

To arrive

Still alive

Washed by silken waves

Suspended in salty warmth

In the ocean of  desire

~ kei
9 September 2015

Found on Tumblr via Pinterest.

Found on Tumblr via Pinterest.

Full Moon Fragmentations

Also on Eclectic Unconfined

once crisp cotton sheets

tumbled on the floor

wisps of dreams


hands in my hair

teeth on my shoulder

the press of hips

driving against thighs


this welcome weight

satin sated flesh

anise spiced whispers

fierceness tempered

drowsy sweet caress

moonlight on ivory

we melt together


~ kei
30 August 2015

Coupled sheets

Tender Is The Night ~ Acrostic X

Through new eyes I see you
Enigma of my dreams
Nearer to me than ever
Drawing me in further
Entranced it seems
Revealed in touch anew

Intensity impossible to capture in words
Silken kisses, satin skin, velvet hardness

This is how you beguile me again
Held in your strong arms
Essence and ecstasy suffuse my core

Now in the crucible of our joining
Iridescent desire paints my mind
Glazing us in heat and hunger
He is my heart’s hunter
Tenderly tearing me apart

~ kei
24 August 2015

Couple sweet sleep

Definition of Acrostic form sourced from: Shadow Poetry:

“Acrostic Poetry is where the first letter of each line spells a word, usually using the same words as in the title.”

Riding Out the Storm (A Duet w/Karin)

Riding Out the Storm (A Duet w/Karin)

I’m so glad to share this. I love Ádhamh’s style and am so glad he asked me to collaborate on duet with him. We had fun with this one and I think it shows. I hope you’ll all enjoy how we made the most of being “caught in the rain”.
If you haven’t already, please visit Ádhmah’s blog at:, you’ll be be glad you did.
Enjoy your weekend all!

You Are The Answer

who is this sleeping angel in my bed
what sweet thoughts curve your lips
where do your dreams take you my love
why do I find the urge to kiss you irresistible
when morning light illuminates you vulnerability
how could I not press my lover’s advantage

… to my every question

~ kei
24 July 2015

Shivers Sleeping Beauty

Reposted from Eclectic Unconfined (18+)