Hello Boyo ~ Alouette One

The waiting soon done
Two souls split by Zeus’s wrath
Are now free to meet
Melded and complete
Eighteen days to a shared path

~ kei
25 April 2014


Holding hands

A poem in the Alouette form. Definition of Alouette taken from Shadow Poetry.

NOTE: My Alouette is one stanza, where the form is at least two. It’s been written as one, to enhance the soulmate creation myth.


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Spiritual ~ Reverse Acrostic Two


A connectedness between our soulS
Your light and colours have lifted me uP
There is a fey magick between you and I
In the way our minds reach for one anotheR
As though a wish made was granted by a DjinnI
That a piece of ourselves we thought was losT
Could be found again in this sacred XanadU
I’ve yet to hold you in my arms my beautiful AlphA
But I count in heartbeats mere days now until I wilL

~ kei
16 April 2014


Definition of Acrostic form sourced from: Shadow Poetry:
“Acrostic Poetry is where the first letter of each line spells a word, usually using the same words as in the title.”
This is Reversed Acrostic. The last letter of each line spells a word.


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I love watching you drive. Funny, isn’t it? It’s one of my favourite memories of our time Still get a sweet frisson when I remember those moments

It started a thousand years ago, we were kids When we were dating and you had to come pick me up We drove a lot then, to the farm, our families, our friends

Summer driving, sun streaming through the window Made the hair on your forearms gleam golden Your right arm draped nonchalantly over the steering wheel

I would prop my bare feet up on the dashboard Sometimes, you’d drop your hand to my thigh To emphasize a point, or prompt me to sing along with you

I’d catch myself watching your profile, pulse quickening Staring at your arms, their power when you’d make a turn That easy confidence was a promise and a temptation

The feeling was the same, when you picked me up Last night, sun streaming through the window Made the hair on your forearms gleam golden

An impromptu moment in the present Loving that I could see the indelible print of the boy On the man driving beside me

Watching the flex of muscle, under your sun-brown skin As you shifted gears and dropped your hand to my thigh Glancing sideways to say “isn’t this just like old times”?

Hearing the steady tick of the cooling engine, winding back time Gathered in your arms, the years fell away, desire flames, reunites Sweet, tight slip of you and promises kept, scratched into your back

~ kei



They said it couldn’t be done
Said we were both crazy
But here we are together
Still going strong my baby

I stood at the river’s edge
I made a wish
For a love that’s true

The East Wind’s voice
Caressing my ears
Carried the voice of you

They said we were foolish
Said that we’re all wrong
We’ve proved how right we are
Here together where we belong

~ kei
27 November 2012

In Dreams

By the frosted window
Wrapped in his beautiful visions
He finds himself yearning for the
Warmth of Hawaiian sunsets
And for palm trees the colour
Of the emerald eyes that he misses
Immersed in his imagination
Where she is there with him always
Not just a treasured rarity
Where the daily routine
The drone of predictability
Disappears just like this melting snow
Where he turns to see her smiling
Her knowing eyes revealing
The life that was always his for the asking
Just outside the boundaries of his dreaming


30 December 2012


The Joining

Is it true that the Groom shouldn’t see the Bride before their wedding ceremony?
Such a quaint and old fashioned tradition and in these days of trial run relationships, pre-nups and “I don’t need a piece of paper” days.
What of you and me?
You have seen me. A thousand times and none, you’ve seen all of me. You’ve seen me at my brightest, most beautiful best and you’ve seen me on the floor, weeping and broken at the hands of the harpies. I have seen you. In command, a leader and hero among men, a force to be reckoned with and I have held you while you weep for the lost ones and for the jealous hatred you can’t protect me from.
We have held each other through ordinary days, through the happiest times and through darkness that no couple should be subjected to. Here we are today Love, still standing. Still strong. Indivisible in the face of overwhelming odds and underhanded interference.
Today, we take each other’s hand in the land of my birth and in the home of our ancestors. Today, we breathe air that is untainted, look at sky unobscured, walk a path that is as yet untravelled but has been destined since you and I were simply stardust, sweet clover pollen and the mist of a crashing ocean wave.
I am glad that you have seen all of me in this, the time before and I am so glad that now I shall see you, in the time of so much more. I guess that old adage could be said to be true. What it speaks to me is, that I have yet to see, all the secret chambers of the heart of you.


25 July 2013