Life Goes On…

… As it should

I carry you in the crinkle of my eyes, the dimple in my chin and the black hair that was the bane of my existence in the blonde, blue-eyed, first generation Supermodel days.

I carry you in whistling down cardinals, orioles, hawks and doves. In singing with the Celtic lilt that connects me to highlands and heather.

I carry you in kindness, charity and fairness. In love thy neighbour and in having the courage of my convictions.

I carry you in the tides and oceans that I know as intimately as my own heartbeat and in the sailor’s knots that can be made with both rope and lives.

I might write again. I might not.

But life does go on and so damn quickly…

I intend to not squander one more second of it.

~ kei

20 October 2015

One Of The Best Days

23 September is my Firstborn’s Birthday

She is a chapter in my heart’s book that will never be finished

Happy Mother’s Day!

Wishing all the Mum’s out there a day that is perfect for you ❤

This is the title that I value most. Mamasan, Mumsy Dearest, Mumma ❤