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Working on my Bio…,,,, Who’

Must like pets, Sweetums like to sleep in the bed when thunderstorms scare him.

Must like pets, Sweetums like to sleep in the bed when thunderstorms scare him.

NOTE: I made up these sites. You won’t find your Sweetums on any of these!

~ kei
29 July 2016

Petites Pensées ~ Boys…

This dating thing would be so much more intriguing if all the men I see didn’t have more issues than hair… More belly than fire… More relaxed fit jeans than button-fly Levis… More Wife than let’s go to Belize…

~ kei

5 December 2015


This headlong rush
This tumble
Into the two of us

This falling down
This trip and dance
Into the new of us

Out of character
To make a first move
Nothing to prove
Just a tidal pull
A patchouli, pheromone command
This phone and your number in my hand
I push
Those waves, those bandwidth waves
And a glowing apple moon
And I am not me, I am she
Calling you to me
Connection irresistible
Who knew a first move could make me feel
So very
Deliciously disreputable

~ kei
29 June 2015


Would you, could you
Please forgive this
It’s not a game
Nor is it cowardice

I like straight up
Don’t mean to be coy
Just a little unsure
And I like you boy

Just to let you know
This isn’t a game
The years go by
But I’m the same

All these new rules
What’s a girl to do
Make your move boy
It’s up to you

~ kei
28 June 2015

Shivers Chess

From The Diary Of A Lady ~ Two

~ Excerpt 5 May xxxx

This is the private journal of Lady Karin Elizabeth Tupper Bole-ington the Third by Proxy.

At last Dear Diary, I have recovered from the festivities. One finds it hard to believe that not so long ago, soirées lasting into the small hours were the norm at least each fortnight. My daughter, the most beautiful and talented Lady Caitlyn Elizabeth Bole-ington Ghadbanishness of Doom comported herself with customary aplomb, much to the delight of her companion mummers and those in attendance. The Amazing Mummers of M’Alice Cooperson regaled the house with new material in the form of old songs sung by the first troubadour of Cooper, “Alice” himself. It was plain to see that even those long past their lessons, were happy to agree in tuneful form that indeed, the institution of learning is out for summer. I myself Diary, cannot condone the hooliganism of blowing the school to pieces however, I hope this was just the enthusiasm of the moment. The visual extravaganza came off without a hitch and the tavern keep must be well-pleased with this take from the evening. Frivolity and the imbibing of spirits abounded!

I must have been a fright when our carriage dropped me off at my door right at the Witching Hour – how very appropriate! I was bursting with pride at my offspring’s success and mightily pleased that the full body armour extra lycra corsetery of Spanx held through the evening and through my preening like a proud mother peahen.

It is somewhat vexing that the two strong acolytes that should have come with my purchase of particularly lovely high-heeled slippers, did not arrive with said purchase. I shall know to inspect the parcel before wearing them to another venue of no seating, much dancing – though fortunately none of the new-fangled “body surfing”! Henceforth, I will wear my suitable and sensible shoes from the wonderful cobbler Dr. Marten.

It could be said Dear Diary, that performances go smoothly in all aspects and there is a minimum of tomfoolery. In truth, I attend these events to ensure Lady Caitlyn’s virtue. There are many randy lordlings and no lack of lords that I would find rather stale-dated who vie for her affections. I know she finds my presence reassuring and I think I’m most subtle in my approach though I admit, my dexterity with a hockey stick and the posterior of some… less erudite suitors is not always appreciated.  Fortunately, these are infrequent occurrences. Sigh… some people’s offspring. It does provide for much merriment in the “Book Of Faces” that is shared among boroughs and districts far and wide.

The evening’s entertainments included party favours and apparel. I was particularly pleased that Lady Caitlyn’s image is emblazoned upon the chemise heralding the name of the mummers’ troupe along with her stalwart mAlice Cooper compatriots.

©Karin Bole Tupper

Alice Cooper Tribute mALICE & Monsters
They’re on Facebook 🙂

Pleased too, that my “Bridesmaid’s Bound” remains as quick as ever. I was able to obtain, with minimal damage to myself or any masonry, a strange, though cheerfully bright eye patch. I’m sure it will be useful should the next event be a costume ball. How very festive I shall look!

©Karin Bole Tupper

What all the pirates wear!
What? It IS and eye patch right?

And now Dear Diary, I think I have relayed all the evening’s cheer, tomfoolery and good companionship. I must now close and apply a little more salve to the chafe marks left by the corset of Spanx and mayhap place an order with the Apothecary for more Spackle and headache powders…

~ kei (the erstwhile Lady Karin, etc. etc. and I swear I won’t do this to your poor eyes again!)
5 May 2015

From The Diary Of A Lady

~ Excerpt 2 May xxxx

This is the private journal of Lady Karin Elizabeth Tupper Bole-ington the Third by Proxy.

A lovely soirée is planned for this evening. My daughter, the most beautiful and talented Lady Caitlyn Elizabeth Bole-ington Ghadbanishness of Doom will be performing at a lovely venue with her musical retinue, The Amazing Mummers of M’Alice Cooperson.

I am most singularly perturbed and wishing greatly for a fainting couch, unfortunately stolen for the purpose of repaying debts, by the cad Sir – though he doesn’t merit his father’s title – Limpnoodleston Swindless of Perfidoria, my erstwhile beau and failed spaghetti merchant. It’s been a fortnight times thirty-six weeks since my last foray to the Opera District and I am in something of a dither!

A pox upon great-grand-aunty-cousin-twice-removed-theodosia-karmelina-snickelfritz-bottomsupendish for passing down this purple hair!!
It is so-o-o-o vexing having to match the shade of violet damson plum without my maidservants about to help me.
God knows how I’ll lace myself into the cantilever underpinnings of Spanx for this evening’s festivities…

In truth, the assigned duties of parent and the requisite societal requirement to be not only presentable but… fun… are enough to give me the vapours! I do look forward, dearest diary to having delightful tales and tidbits to share of the evening when I return to you tomorrow.

~ kei (the erstwhile Lady Karin, etc. etc.)
2 May 2015


Big Pond

One fish, two fish
Me fish, you fish

Plenty of fishes
Wishbone wishes

That little fish
What a dish!

But wait what’s this
A Bait and switch

Not rainbow trout
Just a big ole mud pout

All the little fishes
With their fishy little wishes

Swimming in the same old puddle
Same old worms, same old trouble

Plenty of fish? Yeah, well… Maybe
They all look like sharks to me

This little mermaid went to the ocean
This little mermaid crossed the sea
This little mermaid loves a sailor
That has yet to capture she

One fish, two fish
Old fish, new fish

Plenty of shark-ish
Dangerous liasons-ish
Methinks I’ll stay alone-ish
In my lovely, landlocked home

~ kei
9 April 2015

Big Surf Blind Date

Ashes of Love ~ Friday Fictioneers

Friday Fictioneers prompt for 03 September 2014.

What is Friday Fictioneers? Rochelle presents a challenge to write a one hundred word story that has a beginning, middle and end, based upon a picture that she provides on her blog.

Here is today’s picture prompt (below).

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Copyright Rochelle Wisikoff- Fields

Ashes of Love

Word Count: 100

Genre: Story in Rhyme

Shower of sparks, like a fountain of fireflies.

Flaring like a rocket and the stars in your eyes

Summer comes and it goes, more quickly each year

My heart so abused, grows colder. Forever I fear

The sparks dissipate into the velvet of night

The stars wink out in the black hole of a fight

I’m left chaffing my hands over coals to try and keep warm

Drawing the tatters of my heart close to keep it from harm

Love professed, once again is mocked and disgraced

“Just so you know, you’ve already been replaced”.

~ kei

3 September 2014

Dear Boys

With tongue firmly in cheek:

Dear Boys,

If the words “I love you” have passed between us.
Don’t booty call me.
(even if it was in the backseat of your Dad’s car. If I said it, I meant it. If you lied, you’re a dick)

If you just broke up with your girlfriend, or have “lost the passion” with your wife.
Don’t booty call me.
(uhh… flattered that you thought of me but we dated a lifetime ago. What colour are my eyes? Yup. thought so)

If I’ve ever sat at your table and eaten your wife’s most excellent three-cheese lasagna.
Don’t booty call me.
(variety may be the spice but only for cooking… by the way, does she give out that recipe?)

If I know what your daughter is doing this weekend because we’re Social Media friends.
Don’t booty call me.
(you may want to drop by the party she mentioned)

Because Dear Boys, although I love the smell, taste and touch of you…

And though I very much appreciate the offer of the loan of your penis on the wife’s yoga nights or when you think you might be able to schedule doing me a favour

It will be a hot day in Iqaluit before I will be anyone’s second choice.

I was good enough to hold the title of girlfriend, wife, meet your parents, your kids…
I am not a booty call. Not now, not ever.

Thank you.

PS: If you’d like to swing by with the family and lend a hand picking up groceries, or painting the living room, have the wife give me a call to set up a date.

~ kei
25 November 2013